Voice in the Silence

Steady and quiet,

only you can hear its call

and recognize the tone,

the cry,

the cadence and timbre

rising from within,

wanting to be heard,

fighting to not be ignored

or pushed down.

Sometimes it soothes,

at times it warns,

but it is always there,

a faint whisper

that can crescendo to a scream;

the voice of your heart,

your soul,

an inner monologue

of constant company.


Shades of memory

play on in my mind,

some a mere shadow

of thought still lingering,

faint reminders of past

echoing on

in the haunted corridors

of a waking dream

America, (When It’s) Not-so-Beautiful

Current state of our Nation –
divided –
racism, politics, economy, crime –
you’ve got your opinion,
and I’ve got mine,
but respect for each of our freedoms
seems to have gone by the wayside.
If Uncle Sam
gazed into the mirror,
his reflection would show
like real Dorian Gray –
an ugly Truth.

Why, hello there!

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to introduce myself and wish everyone happy writings 😊.  I’ve been writing for many years and am always looking for inspiration and to improve my skills.  I am excited to be a part of the marathon once again this year.  I have 2 awesome kids, 2 awesome dogs, and 1 awesome husband.  We love watching movies, doing fun activities together, and playing with the fur kids. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and good luck!


Momentarily suspend disbelief,

and separate yourself from reality.

Bend your mind to see different points of view,

look at life with childlike wonder,

reach into your imagination,

bring forth amazing fantasies.

Weave stories and dreams

into a collection of color,

a vibrant tapestry

of temporary escape,

where you can relax,

lose yourself in the delicate intricacy,

and believe in impossibilities.

A Work of Heart

A constant moving canvas,

always a masterpiece,

but never quite completed,

a lifetime of work

that keeps building

and growing.

Family moments, and memories,

loves lost and found,

mistakes made and lessons learned,

each experience another brush stroke,

adding more beauty,

colors intricately blending

into a powerful portrait,

unique and personally made

by the artist who breathes it into life.


Tearstained eyes

don’t cry any more.

Cold numbness sets in,

heavy heart weighs down

a tired aching soul.

Age doesn’t matter;

the burden of sadness

puts more years on

than actual trips around the sun.

One day to the next is


steady resolve sometimes takes hold,

and others are filled with deep despair.

Time marches on,

making the need to dwell on loss

more of a memory.

But one never completely forgotten.


Storm clouds fill my mind,

anger smolders, barely checked,

thoughts reigned, nothing’s right.