Let the winds fall across the swirling foam of the sea~

Nothing left to base reality on but you and me.

No matter the time or place, your wings of love enfolds me in an embrace.

I wrap myself around you and take you to my silent halls of love ~

Thunder rumbles,  lighting cracks on the horizon,  shaking the earth beneath our feet.

Drawing the last vestiges of strength from our souls,  we cannot fight for this love any more.

~No More~

To know loneliness,  but only our love for one another.

Bring down the walls,  for we shall release the fire that is  within our souls.

We shall not let anyone to control us,  lest we lose ourselves into each other.

We shall take our last steps together into all Eternity…

C. Burgess (c)

Sunrise (poetry in motion )

I am awake,

As I sip my coffee,  with hope.

I watch as the sun rises, and shines through my window, making everything look so bright.

I can see everything through new eyes in the Light,  the light of dawn.

Bringing warmth along the way.

As I stand at my window, coffee cup in hand.

I watch the sun rise in admiration for the fact that it is a universal confirmation, that the divine knows what it does.

I take another sip of my coffee,  as a small peace of the puzzle fits together in this light.

As my spirit lifts and becomes bright ~

Watching the sunrise,  for me never grows old.

The dawning of a bright new day,  there is no other way ~

To express the way the universal balance has it’s cosmic display.

No matter what human kind says or does,  the Sun will always rise ~

To give it’s brilliance, with another dawn,

Another beginning ~

A new mourn ~

To lift ours spirits,  to open another door,  along our way of existence…

C. Burgess (c)

Here at Last

The Sun is a warm brilliant ember, that not only warms the body,  it warms the soul.

To be be able to set in the sunshine once more,  and soak up it’s brilliance.

To feel it’s warming love,  caress the earth,  to watch the flowers and trees bloom to their fullest potential.

Everything’s alive ~

Glorious summer has come at last~

With all the cookouts,  the running around,  with all the vacations planned.

Gardens have been planted to grow,  fresh vegetables,  how I love those so.

The love  of the Summer sun~

Time to have some fun ~

Children playing outside,  with all the laughter and smiles,  and least I forget the bike rides.

To swim in the pool,  oh the sweet smells of honey suckle in the air.

The summer nights ~ Not a care ~

The joy of summer months to me is a blast ~

Summer is here at last… At last…

C. Burgess (c)

Summer in the Air

A bird is singing,

I hear it,  from some far away place so intriguing.

As I slumber in my morning bed,

Deep within myself,  a bird is singing.

As I awaken, I find it is not a dream.

Finally it had happened summer is here.

The song of the birds are cheery and bright,  on warm summer mornings such as this.

My ancestors bowed to great morning sun,  in the courtesy of its great need.

So the bird outside my window greats her eminence with song indeed.

My own song is that summer is here and I  can walk and enjoy it’s full glory…

C. Burgess (c)

Little Things

There are little things in life that I can see,

Like the tender markings in a tree.

The dew that clings to the grass anew,

These are little things that are special to me.

A bird with wings that are so blue,

A certain kind of look~

The bubbling of a brook.

Little things you have to look for but are there.

A chipmunk playing in the grass,

Your reflection in a looking glass.

Little things that catch my eye,

As I watch my world pass by…

C. Burgess (c)


Whisper in the Wind

Make a wish with a whisper,

Send it into the wind,

It will come to pass.

You wish will come back.

The wind will hear you,  and send it were it needs to be,

Listen as it blows through the trees.

Send your wish with a whisper into the wind.

And your wish will be granted with what you need…

C. Burgess (c)

Good Morning Poem

In this morning new,

I seek to find my power,

Through Universal perfection.

Open my eyes so I can see ~

That my life is  joyous and complete~

Fill my body with strength and ease,  with all the powers that be.

For this beautiful morning I see,

It matters not if there is sun or rain,

The universe fills me with blessings that remain ~

That sets my spirit free…

C. Burgess (c)

Keep Your Word

Keep your word,  not promises to be made.

Keep your word,  for that is  what a person is based.

Keep your word,  not hollow speeches for people to listen to.

Keep your word,  and people will respect you.

Keep your word,  and you will find yourself ~


Keep your word and love will find you.

Keep your word and honesty will flow from your mouth.

Keep your word,  and your divine self you will have found.

By keeping your word, your thoughts shall be clear.

By keeping your word,  honesty follows,  and there is nothing you shall fear.

Keep your word,  totally in your heart…

C. Burgess (c)


In somber silence of my mind,  stillness in the knowing I’m alive.

In thought that glorifies, what is never really still.

The night creatures stir their portion in the night~

Toads do their croaking,  making their own songs heard,  while the owl hoots,  and night bird songs come to life.

I hear beating wings on the breeze,  as the cricket plays sweetly,  in the night.

There is  really no somber silence,  as we all know,  nothing is still…

C. Burgess (c)


A Story

Inspiration is a story,  that someday I may write.

My story,  my life.

Of where I have walked,  where I have roamed.

Of lesson’s I’ve learned, of the thing’s I’ve earned.

Of love that was lost,  and love that was found.

Of the journey’s I have taken,  of the will to my destiny ~

My own ~

Without being shaken,  then I ask myself,  what have I really done?

That no one else has done~

At this point in time I can say I have lived and loved, offered up laughter and mirth, to our beautiful Mother Earth.

Well like I said inspiration is a story,  that someday ~

Needs to be told,  well maybe, someday just maybe ~

I may write…

C. Burgess (c)

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