SCRO 10 pm to 1 am

K three more for you, entering the home stretch.

Panel 18:

p 18 600 cropped

And after that comes panel 19:

p 19 600 cropped

And after that, you guessed it, panel 20:

p 20 600 cropped

Five more to go! I’m tired.

SCRO 8 to 10 pm

Bulk post here. Conserving energy. Eight hours to go.

Three for yehs. Panel 15:

p 15 600 cropped

Panel 16:

p 16 600 cropped

And panel 17:

p 17 600 cropped

SCRO 6 pm & 7 pm

Took a little dinner break there, fell behind on posting again.

Sun’s coming hard into the study now and the images show it.

As before, click on once, and again, to see ’em close-up.

Panel 13:

p 13 600 cropped

And panel 14:

p 14 600 cropped

SCRO 5 pm

HALFWAY DONE! Here’s the 12th panel. (As before, click once and again for a close-up. Your only hope if you actually want to read any of it.) (Even then, chances are ish.)

p 12 600 cropped

SCRO 4 pm

And the 11th panel. If you click once, and again, you can see it in close-up.

p 11 600 cropped