Heart and Soul

She lived alone

The loneliness stayed

Surrounded by many everyday

In a heart and soul made

a California Girl

Too country for this world

Longing for the right love in the right place and time

Inside lies the darkness of Life displayed

The smile she stays

shown on her face each day

The heart hurt with pain

Shadows of a life in vain

A simple life she cries for

A front porch swing she longs for

An old school country girl

Drowning in this out of place of this world

Drove off to Tennessee today

The Swallowtail Jig

Fiddle dee

fiddle them

happy happy joy joy

dancing the Jig here I come

Joyful hoppin’

Heritage layed

celebration time

Ireland defined

As I merrily move

Learning the custom

Knowledge well spent


Color My World

Red for the blood

White for pure

Blue for integrity

Color My World

Yellow sun

The pink rose

The orange sunset

The day will close

Green for money and wealth

Brown for laboring at the belt

Color My World

with history

Color My World

with life

the good the bad the ugly the love and the strife

The blood cleans

The blue skies represent freedom

The white because we are suppose to be pure

In thought, purpose in mind

Colors represent my world

as you will find

From sunup to sundown

From mountains to valleys

From favorites to dislikes

Life fills reality


Black Creeper

I awoke with a startle

Eight little legs

fell in my lap

I don’t remember having a mosquito net

Sparkles all over

a schrilling scream

my eyes so big

swelling like waterfalls

Harry and ugly

the vision stayed

nightly nightmares

they’re all around my bed

no way around

No hole to escape

tiny tarantulas

Smiles on their face

Fear followed

I close my eyes

just to wake up

A Dream ..

It starts with the letter “A ”

And sings like a bird

I don’t know from whence it came

but to follow it I went down

Oops! I didn’t mean say,  “What the…..”

l’ll turn around now

and the other way walk.


Credit: Emily Dickinson

A Bird Came Down The Walk


Gut wrenching

Darkness speaks

Inner thoughts

Running deep

To my disbelief!

It happened!

Did I clearly see?

Walking at daybreak

Stomach turning vision

Right in front of me

Stillness and fear stayed me


I died

MindU Jump UNeverknow

1. We never know

what each day will bring

what each day will bring

will be many things

we never know

the outcome in life

the outcome in life

can bring joy or strife

we never know

the blessing we hold

the blessing we hold is pure as gold

we never know

we never bothered to think

what wondorous life lays on the brink


2. Mind you

Mind your manners

Mind you

all that matters

Mind you

Pay attention to what is said

Later on

You will not dread


3. Jump with me

trampoline time

we’re kids again

do not whine

do not whine jump for joy

on this bouncy fun toy

on this bouncy fun toy

jump with me laugh and play

we want to enjoy

our day

I’m Red

The Farm

Country life

Red barn

Green grass

Sunflowers saturated

A little girl amazed

Imagination created

Desired to live here

From boring big city

Grandparents stories

Memories alive

Blueberry bushes

Radiant raspberries

Sweet to the tongue and belly

Piggytails, ponies and honemade pies

Vacations only a short time

Then our goodbye’s

A Vaporized Life

Life is but a vapor

We wake

We arise

We go

And we do

Not knowing what life holds in front of us

What we will run into

Do we believe?

Do we understand?

Do we know what happened if I sudden accident we die

Where do we go?

Do we prepare?

How do we do it?

Where do we go to face to it?

Is eternity real?

Can it happen now?

Everyday we live and in  someone’s life it shows up somehow

Where do they spend it?

Heaven or Hell?

Where will we spend it?

Do we know well?

The sign is there: Eternity Now

The door is there

But it’s closed somehow

Can we open that door to Eternity

One day

without wanting to know

we are headed that way…..

Still…I Live

Still…I live

Through life’s uncertainty

Through life’s untimely incidents

With self and family

Still…I live

Whether the Sun rises

Or the moon sets

In joy

Or the deep darkness

In giving birth

Or tears and death

Life is rehearsed

It still brings the best

Srill…I live

That birds still sing

The children still laugh

In life we bring

Memories to the Past

Still…I live

The Earth still moves

When people pass on

Much is behooved

Our disappointments and despair

Is a part of life

Love hatred and strife

To care not care

But Still…I live….