Poem 18


Roses can never be a symbol of my love

My love does not decay

it grows each day

when you open your eyes

It grows with your kisses and hugs goodbye

My love comes without thorns

because I like being held

And I don’t want you to¬†fear

when I share

the words…

I love you












Poem 24


He is his father’s son

I look at him so many times

Stealing glances

And it always makes me smile

He might not always know it but he is his father’s son

His walk, his lips, his mannerisms, his tastes

But he is also an image all his own

that I can attest

He is the best of us

The happiest of our experiences

This son of mine

A treasure to behold

And he doesn’t even know how much he’s worth

This son of mine — his father’s son indeed.


Six thirty-five AM

6:35 Am

Eyes blurring

Limbs hurting

Mind fuzzy

Brain drifting

Will power

…. fading

Maybe I should give in

And let sleep in


Woman in Black (begone)

Poem 22

Woman in Black

Someone’s lover

dressed in black



weaver of dark magic

begone from my sight

your dangling charms prove nothing more than shams

I see beyond in this crowded room

An aura of disguise and malign

you are nothing more than a dark mystery


with human curiosity



                                                  Poem 21

Blood gushed from her palm

     the brightest of reds

she ever did see

      making strong bubbling streams across dark brown lines etched         in tender flesh telling prophesies hushed from birth

A foolish mistake, a thoughtless act

The cause of her distress, the subtle nothingness of life

      her focus still withdrawn from the world

As blood drips unto pristine white

Saturating napkins galore

¬† ¬† ¬†And it still didn’t make anything right


Nature and Man

Poem 20

Nature and Man


Skipping across smooth tiles

like an ordinary day outside

amongst the trees and blades of grass

This black bird didn’t care

about mall rules and people staring

at his brassiness and skill

thinking how the hell did he get in here?

Head in the air,  intrigued, unfolding silky wings, swiftly swooping down on an abandoned box of fries

causing quite a stir this unlikely star

And instead of shouts and screams

cell phones flash

But the fuss means nothing

Survival is everything in this human jungle




Poem 19



The thought of breakfast makes my stomach tight, bringing smiles of delight

The smell of bacon sizzling in the metal pan, eggs too, nicely done with specks of green and gooey cheese

Toasted bread a must

Screw all the gluten haters!

Add a steaming Vanilla Latte

in my favourite brown cup no less, the one with the words coffee written like a maniac over and over again

cling, clang, bang, slam

breakfast here I come!






Poem 17


Gravity does not trap me to the ground
Buoyant and strong
I float into my dreams
like a song
Into the vast blackness wearing my crown


poem 16


I’m at a loss
When I think about love
Not who I am
Not who I love
Or who loves me
Or what I love
But being in love
Cause it meant so much
And I didn’t know

Now there’s a gap
That cries out to be filled

For All that it was
For all that we had
And couldn’t see

But I believe it was real
As real as this black hole within

So whenever I think of love
I mean being in love

I think now
How I lost everything
that could have been
Since you’re no longer
my angel on earth

Alice Speaks

Poem 15

Alice in Wonderland 

(Motivational Speech)

The tiny shall be transformed into giants

conquering any impossible thing
That can be thought of in the blink of an eye

For if it can be conceived
indeed can be achieved

Smile in the face of the unknown

and the neighbouring spasms of insanity too

and that which lurks behind twinkling eyes
And flattering smiles

Profound are the insane

bearers of hidden insight
And perspectives beyond parallels

Life is all about being you

It’s about what’s in the heart
Where everything matters

not the versions of you others see or demand to be real but the version inside

True and true

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