Proud of Me

I am never
going to put boundaries
on myself again.

I am never
going to say,
“I cannot do it.”

I am never
going to say,

I am never
going to say,
“I think I can.”

I can and I will.


Frolic at dawn when day has begun
and frolic at dusk while setting the sun
Frolic in moonlight with glee
Let others see you frolic in revelry

We Are His and He is Ours

He remains our joy, our sole consolation
He protects us against disappointment
Alongside us He stands in all weather
We are His reason to live and to die
Our delight is His favor
We are His sole prize and pleasure
We cannot let him lose our affection and defense

Tribute Exudes My Very Soul

Open my nose to gratitude’s aroma.
Open my ears to love’s exhale.
Then I will truly glorify, illumine, fortify, and inspire.
Please provide comfort and healing,
and my tongue will speak wisdom.
Giving thanks in expression,
with tributes exuding my very soul.


Gentle sheep in pasture green
Hear the blessed tidings told
Above on high angel hosts were seen
Heralding a message to behold

Shepherds woke among their flock
Thy sheep enfolded by the thee
Stood amazed full of shock
Told of a babe deserving of their bent knee

Where light Divine was shed
Off to Bethlehem they went
To a stable, no crib for a bed
Found salvation God had sent

This Night

This is the night when darkness is overcome by light
Salvation after much anticipation
It is noble and pure
Exciting to be sure
Sleep no more! Rise. Observe. Rejoice!
Darkness surrenders
This is the beginning of the day which will never end.


For greatness to be laudable,
ponder: sincerity and gentleness;
authenticity and gracefulness; and sanctity.
Practice these;
and your heart and mind
will be deserving of praise.

You Wounded My Heart

I gave you entry
into the very depth of my heart.
I did not realize
you were only intending to be a rentor.
I am exhausted
by the wounds of love.
My purple heart
will not retreat.
Yet, onward I move
to find a new inhabitant.


From this day forward
hand in hand, heart to heart,
our souls are one.
We will accomplish all
without much reservation,
and all will be done with our love.

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