With great trepidation and much perspiration I write 12 poems to prove my poetry is beast. Realizing that my angst is unwarranted because my poetry maybe admired by others, but it was always solely meant for me.

The Sound of You

I feel your breath upon my neck as you wake, then I hear you inhale my essence as you roll over to prepare for work.

And I smile at the sound of you.

Shower running, splashing rhythmically against the walls and I listen as you hum your favorite song and add my name at the end.

And I smile at the sound of you.

K know you’re desperately getting ready for work because I gladly made you late. So, I start your coffee and draw your cup just to hear you say, “Thank you baby.” The way you speak makes me weak, and when you smile at me … I can hear that too.

And I smile at the sound of you.

Gently pressing against my cheek, you whisper my name and promise to return to see me again.

And I passionately melt at the sound of you.

Every sound of you
Makes me cream thinking of you
Love the sound of you


We talked all the time
Now that you have a cell phone
We don’t even speak

Poem 4 after all steps

Don’t look like where I’ve been
You’re valuable
Gramps drank like fish
My name is silence
Mom quiet and you wouldn’t know she was related
No similarities but the name
My heritage is dark
Now prominent among many
Don’t call me them
I am clean version of gramps and gram
I am a product of their environment
I’ve worked hard to be me
I am me

Before Darkness

I didn’t ask for this!
Mind battling with conflicting interpretations of my post recent situation causing me to lose my syncopation with life.
I thought I was born to be a wife.

Before the darkness came there was nothing but light. Clarity seeing. Forward thinking. Peaceful dreaming. Serenity drinking. Before darkness.

Now, I can’t see past the lies. All things are blurry before my eyes. And all I want is what once was again.

Then I think to embrace the darkness because after it, light comes again.

I’m dying for you

When I see you my life smiles
I may never say it, but my life starts with you.
Speechless love, innocent seduction
Boundless in our affections
Not sure if I told you, but I love you
I stand guard over our passion wishing it would last and wishing … You would come back to me

You’re so close yet so far
I feel like I’m protecting what once existed and standing guard to be re enlisted in our love
Come back
So close. So far. I’m here.
Can you hear me?
On my knees screaming at the top of my lungs, yet completely silent
I’m dying for you.