Poem 10

Start – Story and Art


Story of every art is a Start.
If it is new or old,
Stale or bold.
An art creates the things,
Gives an idea.
While story produce the mystery,
To generate a history.

Story of every art is a start.
Goals achieving, aims targeting
Struggling battles while gathering Petal.
Telling stories of an art,
Shines like bird take a sunbath.
Ocean waves screams after a silence,
That is how a story gives an art, a sense.

No one ever have any story to tell,
Weren’t they ever fallen for any art?
Are they still waiting for a start?
Giving my mind, a chance to show,
Never the less, there is no age to grow.

Poem 12

My First and Second love fight


Love fights,
As they bites.
Overriding each other priorities,
They decide..
To let the owner satisfies,
Whom she want to be her first and second love..
Her Passion(poetry) or her Sleep.
Sleep said, she is used to of me.
She can’t live without nine hours sleep.
Poetry said, my one hour is enough for her to feel relaxed.
She is used to of me too.
Sleep says she won’t sacrifice me ever for you,
Poetry said, let the time shows this to you.
Both fights, in my mind.
I somehow struggling, made them understand.
Nobody is first or last,
You both are my part.
One is my need, other is my deed.
Both are my seed.
sleep for my body, passion for my mind.
So stop making each other behind.


Poem 11

Hide and seek


I hide

Behind a friend
Who was always by my side
She protects me
Not because she cares
But she don’t wanna loose her dominance over me..
She was none other but was my own fear. .
She gave a coverage..
She pampered me like a child..
I started believing her
The trust grew deeper day by day..
Then another one enters in my life..
I didn’t like her
As she always tried to seek me,
To show me that the one who is caring for me is not actually called care..
She showed me the real face of fear
She told me that you will not like me ever
May b you would scare of me..
As I m the one who will force you to take risks in your life
Who will push you to face reality..
I am courage..
Fear didn’t like the company of me and courage
As she’s now getting the intuition of loosing me
She became friend with anger to make me under her.

Now I was confused..
I was neither with fear nor with courage
I was alone thinking and defining my own presence in the world..

Obviously fear and anger was attracting me more than courage..
As I was feeling comfortable with them..
But then I thought why not to try courage for once..
I take one step ahead with courage
Then I realized I am getting inner peace and positive strength
I felt stronger. . I felt happy.
Suddenly don’t know From where, patience was watching me patiently..
I felt calm by seeing her with me too..
I got patience in myself automatically..

In the company of courage and patience..
I became the one i never imagined I could ever be. .
I forgot that I was just testing courage and patience over fear and anger..
I was different dhriti now..
From just dhriti (name which my parents gave to me on my birth), I made myself the real dhriti(which means courage and patience)

It was out of the world which I experienced..
It wouldn’t be justice to say that the fear and anger was never needed..
Because of them, I got a chance to know courage and Patience better..
Fear hid me.. courage sought me..

Respect bad and accept good,
Bad shows the importance of good.

Poem 9

Dare you!

Speak truth whole day,
I dare you.
Pray to god without any demand,
I dare you.
Think selflessly for others,
I dare you.
Share the real you,
I dare you.
Feel the darkness of a blind,
I dare you.
Listen all your bad without a word,
I dare you.
To fake is easy,
To trust is difficult.
To break is easy,
To make is difficult.
Try to feel others pain.
To let your anger drain.
I dare you!

Poem 8

Boat of empty Love


Sailing the boat of friendship,
Never thought of that stored bricks.
Collected to make the love wall,
Which never thought would ever fall.

The stored bricks were not strong,
As they left unburned.
Those were collected for love wall,
Lost in the hope to get another turn.

Bricks of love were left unburned,
In the fire of friendship.
Lost in the hope to get another turn,
They left as empty sticks.

In the fire of friendship,
They fell asleep.
As they left as empty sticks,
The love blew in the wind that friendship picks.

As Friends fell asleep,
Love boat shakes with a thrill.
The love blew in the wind that friendship picks,
All went wrong because of lies and tricks.

Love boat shakes with a thrill
They did not get time to fill,
All went wrong because of lies and tricks.
Boat of empty love and their unburned bricks.

Poem 7



Packing my bags,
Going to home.
The real joy,
While having many storms.
Counting days,
Which says, few days more,
Then you will be at your door.
Where the roots originates,
From a leaf to tree,
That made me free.
Does not matter, how old I grow,
But I still miss my childhood pillow.
Father‘s love to Mother’s lap,
But now there is a care gap.
We hide feelings so not to worry each other,
Is the reason that we are still together?
Leaving this aside, let’s go to ride.
To make all moments, again alive.
Bitter is the truth, safer are the lies,
That how we manage to flies.
School books to childhood dome,
I accept that, I miss my home.

Poem 6


Colors are all around,
From sky to ground.
Blue, green, violet or Wine,
All have their own shine.
Many colors are in life,
Still we run for black and white.
Present is moving fast,
Still we are looking in past.
All flew by the time,
Whether its yellow or lime.
Some left happiness behind, some darkness,
But nothing is more or less.
All goes to that black and white space,
Which after sometime lost its grace.
Enjoy today’s colors, before it fades,
Don’t cover your glow into shades.
Mix some colors and try to show,
Joy will come to let you know.
No colors is as colorful as you saw,
Just take a sip of your life with a straw.

Poem 5

With Love – Phone


I am a phone,
Whose throne, nobody can own.
The one who has a ringtone,
Follow order like a line of stone.
I am luckiest one here,
Nobody can think to go without me, anywhere.
I loved by everyone,
More than anyone.
From younger to old,
I treated like gold.
Lover’s child,
Students mind,
Parents hope to Google’s scope.
Loneliness companion, all in all champion.
Alone I am enough to guide,
Happy to help at every side.

Poem 4

Silent Silence


Somehow describes me,
But my silence speaks silently.
People calls me introvert,
I, myself made me a secret.
Secrets which surprisingly opens,
And speaks silently.
I did not choose it though,
All made me to be so.
Nobody is that free to listen your life,
All are busy in their fights.
I left things unshared,
Still, my silence speaks sometimes.
Emotions replaced by emoji,
Feelings changed to What’s in your mind.
Thoughts are now status.
That is why I graved my inner soul into me.
By adopting a silence.
But sometimes it still speaks.
Silent which understands me, silently.

Poem 3

My mornings and nights
Mornings are beautiful.
Some feels it, some not.
But all says the same..
Nights are wonderful.
Some wait for that wonder to happen, some not.
But all says the same..
We made it and mould it the way we want to..

Forget every single thought run all day in your mind
Just sleep like a little child..
Welcome every mornings as a new
To make yourself to move through..
A phone call from mom,
To a cute fight with brother..
Some good laugh with colleagues
To fun with friends..
Time spend on your passion,
To a little worry for future..
A morning wish from your receptionist
To a good night from your love..
All that is enough to complete a day,
You forced to serve
Whatever happens or you did mistakenly
Just accept it internally..

Beautiful is the word that we made..
God just sent all the things without any upgrade..
We defined and invent evrything
It’s in our hands to make it worth living..
Choice and acceptance are two different measures
Let’s decide your treasure..