Haiku #11

There are pictures in

the pictures of my past; I

grab them with my head.

Haiku #9

All the sights are glass—-

all the sights are black and white

when I feel fine.

Haiku #8

There’s an entire

universe over the wall;

I hear the knocking.

Haiku #7

Ev’rything’s brighter

and lighter at midnight, which

is my third eye’s time.

Haiku #6

My mem’ries are doors.

All I have to do is knock

And they turn for me.

Haiku #5

Past lives are silent

whispers on your ancient tongue,

waiting to be bit.’

Haiku #3

The sword’s no threat, for

the sword bearer has left and

returned much stronger.

Haiku #2

The trees used to close

me off and now ev’ryone

can see me right now.