Hello everyone, this is Vishnu B. Unnithan. This is my first time participating in the poetry marathon and am really excited. Looking forward to having a great time interacting with all and writing some lovely poetry. Many thanks to the organisers for taking so much effort to continue with the poetry marathon and anthology in spite of everything that’s happening around the world. Hope everyone stays safe. See you on the marathon day. Best of luck!

And thus I am born….

Vishnu B. Unnithan is a doctor by profession. He hopes to enter surgery residency and has every intention to publish profusely along with carrying on his medical duties towards the global community. Currently, he serves as a contributor to the Artifice.

His arsenal includes such enviable superpowers like the ability to fantasize about food even in the midst of a pertinent crisis. He romances the English language and loves quotes. (Some of which may inadvertently find their way into his writings: A few, inspired and always, entirely original)