Greetings fellow Marathoners!


My name is Eilidh (pronounced Airlie to rhyme with fairly, rarely and rarely).

I live in Western Australia so for me the marathon starts at 9pm.

I have been writing poetry since I was about 8. I realise that I have been alive in 9 different decades so I have a bit to say. I don’t write in one style, although these days I prefer haiku and despite my note about pronouncing my name I am not a great fan of rhyme – unless I am writing a sonnet. I do like alliteration though.

I shall prepare for the Marathon by having a new notebook and a filled fountain pen on my desk because I am old fashioned in this sense at least.

I shall also prepare by having a snooze before the marathon starts. At 73 years I am not sure I can do 24 hours, although it is only ten years since I pulled one of my frequent all-nighters in order to get a paper or lecture written, so here is hope.