Let me mind my troubles alone,
when time comes I’ll sit like a king on his throne.
Be busy preparing yourself too as a queen,
fight your battles and win.

Till then let love go on a journey,
I’m away too finding a better life full of honey.
If time and chance will wish,
you and I shall enjoy the king’s dish.
Asking you for a dance on the floor with princes and princesses,
Till then let individual pay his or her prices.
Someday we shall pour wine celebrating our victory,
With smile sharing each other’s story.


I hope you build your life on the rock
for storm will surely roar towards it
using both hands to test its strength.
I hope you shall resist the temptation of going for cheap sandy
for it is a slave to an ordinary wind.

I hope you will give yourself to pass through hell,
knowing you are made of sulphur
and the burning of carbon around shall make you fear not.
I hope you shall give your spirit to go to a high place and jump off the cliff
Knowing you are meant to spread thy wings up there and fly so high beyond the sky.
I hope you shall not be scared of fighting death knowing that is the path to life.

I hope you know you are the beast,
having your jaws stained with blood
ready to devour anything that comes your way…


Before heaven spread thy tiny wings,
In the end like a warrior you may sing.
Spread them widely in the breeze,
get them set to fly with ease
They are made for that purpose and not for decoration,
So spread them what awaits you is celebration.

Spread thy tiny wings for one day they shall grow,
In your flight greatness await you tomorrow.
They wings shall grow bigger like a plant rooted by the river side
for you have God as your guide.

The young shall grow never be scared of the wind but be brave like a lion,
Surely you will triumph.
Fly! fly!! fly!!!
High!high!! high!!!
Spread those tiny wings for the sky is the starting place
You will surely win your race.
Spread thy wings the wind is ready to welcome you in his hands,
By God’s grace you will reach thy promise land.