Hello, I am Esse!

My back story in writing begins at age 10, grade four, when I got an E for excellent on a poem called, The Fog. I no longer have a copy of it, but it wasn’t All That! hehe I remember my mom being exceptionally proud of me and I do remember feeling quite pleased. At the time, my aspiration was to be a journalist and travel the globe. I wrote for fun and always looked forward to composition.

We will fast forward many, many, many years to 2010 when, out of desperation (details will not be disclosed), I started my own writing company, falling back on what I knew best, aside from management and interior design. Since then, I’ve published a children’s book of poetry and haiku, written for a magazine, an ePub called Florida Designer Homes, produced thousands of pieces of collateral content, and produced a number of manuscripts for children’s lit and adult. I’m currently working on the formatting and layout of my second book to be published, entitled, The Last Leaf. This simple, short story addresses the grief a child experiences upon the loss of loved ones, as well as fear of one’s own mortality. It’s beautifully illustrated and I’m extremely excited and looking forward to launching it.

I have no idea how difficult this marathon will be and hope I don’t wimp out!!!