Nothing can Seperate

say that you’ll never leave

say that you’ll always stay near

say that your love is deep

say that i have nothing to fear


now that you’ve said those words

what do i do

i know that you’ve promised and swore

that you’ll show me proof

then i remembered that hill and what you bore


i didn’t know high upon the wooden tree

there you proclaimed

i was in bondage but you set me free

there you bled-i love you – declaring my name


unconditional love

what do you see in me?

i looked to the heavens above

proclaimed your love for the world to see


a love that is deep a love that is satisfying

there is no other love that can be compared

a love that is free a love that is electrifying

a love that is unconditional that nothing can separate




“Emily Dickinson”

Hello! Emily is my name! Never done a physical marathon, nor a writing marathon, but the physical is my weakest, but the writing is my strongest, but the challenge on the ladder is what I’m looking forward to.  Aspiring to be like Emily Dickinson (but only happy) would be nice, but hopefully I can face this challenge that I brought into my life.  This I’ve never done before, but looking forward to be amongst the best –  is alone a great reward.  To prepare for the this expedition, is doing a lot of thinking, and a lot of scribbling and make sure that I’m stocked up on some Gatorade and water bottles as I take on this quest.  This half marathon already feels like a triathlon, but can’t back down now my family is waiting for me at the finish line with their pom poms and screaming my name.  Must concentrate….

P.S. I will not be taking any steroids for this…….