Need you

Like how a heart needs a beat.

And a sentence needs words to be complete.

Like how a lock needs a key.

And a ship needs the sea.


That is how I need you.

Without you, I don’t know what I’d do.

You like the peanut butter to my bread,

And the brains that goes inside my head.


You know when I’m happy and when I’m sad.

Or when I’m disappointed and when I’m mad.

You always there to wipe my tears.

And cuddle me at night, to take away my fears.


You walk along side me during my toughest times.

You are my number one partner in crime.

You’ll forever remain in my heart.

Even during the times that we are apart.


I just wanted you to know this

Because this one is for you, Chris.



It stays with you, whether you far or near.

It can be something as simple as the creepy noises you hear at night.

Or something different, like having stage fright.


Sometimes fears make you feel weak.

It makes you feel vulnerable, so that help you don’t seek.

But does anyone really not experience fear?

Whether it’s about bugs or those imaginary voices that you hear.


At times it feels like your fears controls you.

It takes you in it’s grasp and holds you.

That’s why you have to face your fears.

It’s okay if sometimes it leaves you in tears.


Because that’s all part of the process.

So just pick your head up and try your best.

What to write…..

I have no idea about what to write.

My body doesn’t function properly at night.

My eyes feel heavy and tired

And if this is how my brain works, I think it should be fired.


I could just curl up and sleep.

But then I won’t complete the marathon and that will make me weep.

It’s 10 minutes past half past twelve

And I’m still sitting here feeling sorry for myself.


Only, like, a few words on the page.

This frustrates me and fills me with rage.

I’m literally scribbling anything that comes to mind.

Because time is something tough to find.


I think I’m falling asleep with my eyes open

While trying to write words that I feel should be spoken.


So, yeah, this poem is going to turn out terrible.

But, hopefully, it will be slightly bearable.

And I apologize if it doesn’t make sense

But right now I’m not living in the present tense.


My brain has turned into foam

Just from writing this poem.


Oh, and did I mention that my legs are experiencing severe cramps?

Well that’s all for this hour, champs!


Every girl wants to find love that will last till the end of time.

Someone who will love them and someone they can call ‘ mine ‘.

Like every other girl, I wished for that too.

A love that is so pure and true.


And after what seemed like forever, I thought I found the one.

He was handsome, caring and fun.

I gave him everything I had to offer

Because I thought that he would be my first and only lover.


I was too blindly in love to see his true self.

I ignored what my friends said and their offer to help.

I put all my trust in him and our love,

Too young and stupid to look beyond and above.


Slowly, I took down my walls.

Until he went and crushed it all.

He betrayed me in every way possible.

Yet made me feel like I was the one responsible

For everything bad that happened to us,

Once again breaking my trust.


He left me in pieces; shattered and broken.

And till today the scars are still open.


Mothers, fathers, boys and girls.

There are so many types of people in the world.

Not a single person is the same.

Even if the share the same colour eyes, hair or name.


Some are introverts

And some are people experts.

Some like to explore

Some like less rather than more.


There are those who are calm and cool.

And those who are are brilliant at school.

Some like to party or play sport.

Some people are tall while others are short.


Others are shy and soft spoken.

Others are bubbly and extremely open.

Some like sweet, some like sour.

Some talk for minutes and others for hours.


Every person is unique in there own way.

Just remember being different from others is okay.

The night

The sun that once shone

Is now gone.

The heat that burned our skin

Has now been replaced by a cool wind.


There is no hustle and bustle

It’s so quiet you can here the leaves rustle.

The moon shines bright

As everyone welcomes the night .


It’s time to forget about the days worries and rest.

To have good dreams and get rid of of stress.

It is beautiful and calm,

A place where there is no harm.


When tomorrow comes we’ll deal with the world’s havoc.

But that’s only when the watch strikes 7 o’ clock.

For now the stars twinkle above.

As we spend the night with those we love.


I’m in paradise.

Even though I’ve just had one slice.

The flavours that burst in my mouth

Make all my thoughts fly South.


All worries go away.

And in this heaven I’m going to stay.

It’s light and fluffy and just so sweet.

It’s the only thing that I want to eat.


Because even when everything’s at stake

I can rely on my delicious cake.

Get Lost inside

When things are tough

And you’ve just had enough.

When you bored out of your mind.

Or even when you just have spare time.


Lose yourself in a book.

And I promise you’ll be hooked.

It becomes a drug that puts your mind at ease.

It’s helps you relax and gives you a sense of peace.


Escape reality

And get lost in a fantasy.

All the words that you have read

Comes to life inside of your head.


There are so many different worlds to see

Where you can be any person that you want to be.

Experience things you have never before

That will leave you wanting more and more.


After all, what more can you ask for

Than a book that will open the door

To places you have never been.

And things you have never seen.

Been a while

Hey. It’s been a while

Since the last time I gave you a dial.


I know it’s late

And I’m keeping you awake

But I just wanted to say

That I miss you everyday.


And I also wanted to tell you

About all the things that I’ve been through.

And, maybe, you can tell me

About all that has happened, lately.


Because I just want to hear your voice again,

My dearest old friend.




Flowers bloom and birds sing.

So many colours splattered around

And so many fragrances can be found.


Summer is when the sun scorches our skin.

Against the burning heat, you can never win.

You’re in desperate need for a cold glass of water.

Hoping it will get you through the days that just seem to get hotter.


In autumn you watch the leaves fall

From the trees that stand tall.

Orange, red, yellow and brown

Is strewn all over the ground.


The freezing cold knips your skin in winter all day and night.

Sometimes you catch a cold that your body will have to fight.

It’s the best time to cuddle and be warm

And make snowmen with the snow that has begun to form.


All seasons can be fill with happiness and fun.

All seasons are important. Not just one.