Cars in Summer – Hour 16

The car is waiting outside
Mom calls, “Hurry up, you guys!”
Sister runs down the stairs
While I try and find my games

The sun shines bright outside
And the car heats up inside
As we drive on the highway
Past fields and fields

There is much traffic outside
The car stops in a silent sea
While we sweat inside
And can’t concentrate
On the game of life

The cars still stand outside
But we get off the highway
Almost at our goal
Our final destination

Before Rome is around us outside
We still have to drive through fields
Fields of yellow, almost burnt grass
It sure is hot outside

Rome is finally here outside
But it’s deadly hot in Rome
We are soaked wet inside
This will be the hottest holidays
In all our lives

World – Hour 15

(Before the world, there was a world)


It was dark, but also light
It was black, but also white
There was nothing
But at the same time everything

The universe had big plans
A new world was about to start
Which would last longer
Than the world before

There was a star
That glowed stronger than the others
It grew bigger and bigger
Until – boom! – it exploded

The sparks disappeared
And a new sun was born
With her some planets
Of which one we call Earth

The Land – Hour 14

The land knows you
Even though you are lost.
And whatever you do
The land brings you back at any cost

Your path may be dark
You may feel alone
But the land gives you spark
And a brand-new phone

You may be lost
You may be scared
But the land won’t bring you a frown
But a friend red-haired

You may feel left behind
Like there is nothing left for you
But the land will change your mind
And make sure that you knew

The land knows you
Even though you are lost.
And whatever you do
The land brings you back at any cost.

Let’s Play – Hour 13

Let’s play a game
I explain to you
The word I mean
For you to guess

First explanation:
An American band
Playing songs like
“Can I dream?” Or
“Lunar Attack”

Then, the second:
A company,
Mainly in Germany,
Excels in

Last, the third:
Used in astrology
Used to describe
And conjunctions

What do I mean?

Prologue – Hour 12

Erasure taken on Prologue of “Fire And Ice, Season I, Warrior Cats – by Erin Hunter”, e-book version from 2009

Orange flowers throw sparks in the night
Making silhouettes of Twolegs huddled there.
White lights appear, roar past
On a Thunderpath,

At the edge, a cat moved,
More cats followed one by one,
sniffed the bitter air
With the lips curled.

A large tom padded forward
flames lit up black-and-white fur  on his powerful shoulders.
His long tail straight up
Sending a message of courage to his Clan.

This was a strange place.

A gray queen flickered her tail uneasily.
She pulled her kids towards her and sheltered it
A black tompushed his way forward, limping heavily on a twisted paw
Anxious yowls rose from some of the cats

The cry alerted the Twoloegs around the fire.

At once the cats fell silent, crouching lower
A missile flew over their heads
Exploded in a burst of thorn-sharp pieces
On the Thunderpath behind.

Ashfoot flinshed as a shard grazed her shoulder
but stayed silent, curling her body
around her terrified kit.
I fear for our safety here.

Dear Past Me – Hour 11

I’m sorry to tell you this
But you chose wrong
My chance is already gone
But yours is not, little miss

I let myself guide me through all of this
It wasn’t bad, but also not my very best
All those wrong decisions – oh, please, they were my guest!
But you can do better, little miss

You can still choose your path
You can still make the right choice
Get better, and become a loud voice!
Just don’t end up as me – an unlucky wrath

Then again, what if life already planned it out like this?

Moonlight Café – Hour 10

She sat in the café
Near the doors and looked outside
There it was, the moonlit bay
And with it the high tide.

In her hands she held her coffee
A single moonbeam hit her bread
she had ordered and a toffee
“Damn fog,” she said.

She got up and hit a shelf
After eating and books fell down.
She sighed and murmured “Today, I’m not myself.”
When the canteen lady came and helped without a frown.

Then, she got outside on the dock
Looked around, but all firs had vanished in the fog
Suddenly, she heard a concrete quiet knock
Hush! – And in the silence croaked a frog.

Into the Wild – Hour 9

We are wild
Achieving greatness
Running through the forest
Running after prey
In the nights, we mostly sleep
On full moon we meet in peace
Rawr – we meow.

Cats we are
Armed with our claws
Till death we fight
StarClan, be with us tonight!

Brother – Hour 8

There are things I love:
I love my loved one,
my sister, and my work.

But there is something I hate:
My other sister, her behaviour,
and simply all she does.

… “Clean up after your work!”

Train of Life – Hour 7

Let me tell you a tale
Of the Train that represents Life

This train guides us through our life
From the baby’s breath of bravery
Over to our subborn friends on the road
And finally our grandma’s death

This train will always be by our side
It will hold close our memories
And keep track of our enemies
And it will cherish our trasures in life

This train will end our life
It decides when it arrives at the last stop
It decides how it will arrive there
It decides on who gets out of the train with us