New Shoes

It has been a long, long time since I have done writing or delved into reading poetry or books or have done writing exercises. Many years ago, when the future looked super shiny and exiting and I had a head and heart full of dreams and hopes, I was writing almost daily, filling books with all the words that were overflowing from inside me.

I loved writing and I loved being part of writing groups. I then joined the military, in which I stayed for almost 5 years. A year and a half ago I discharged and started the slow process to reintegrating myself into ‘normal’ society. From childhood emotional and mental abuse as well as excessive bullying and harassment and overwork in the military, I was a different person to whom I was around 7 years ago – more than a little broken and damaged. There is a lot less inside me and a lot more numbness and emptiness that doesn’t always offer creativity in the form or writing or sketching.

But I am slowly finding new ways to find inspiration from my journey and from memories. I look forward to meeting new people and becoming part of this new world. Can’t wait to read other people’s work and learn as I go, basking in a new reality filled with artwork made out of words.

I’m currently living in Australia and have moved around a fair bit over the last 10-14 years. I have three adorable cats and spend most of my time studying and trying to learn new skills as well as manage housekeeping and life as much as I can with my constant companions of depression and anxiety.

My main inspirations are nature and wildlife. I love a large variety of poetic works, including Neruda, Lord Byron, Cummings, and more recent, R.M. Drake and Charlie Mackesy. Other names and poems elude me now, as any thought is want to do when I try to grasp it.

Just a few hours to go to my first marathon and I’m both daunted and excited!

p.s. I honestly hope I posted this in the right area for introductions!