Hour Eleven – a letter to my past self…

“Dear 9 year old me”

Stay in your room
Let them sort it out
You are not responsible
It is not your fault
She is sick in her mind
A devil on the loose
Do not open the door
There is nothing you can do
Protect yourself
Learn to be strong
She will never be reliable
You must grow on your own


Hour Ten – word prompts…

Moonbeam dancing in the night
Fog washing over
The hush of the evening
Like concrete crashing down
Canteen empty
Coffee all dried up
On the dock, I sit
Like an old forgotten novel upon a shelf


Hour Nine – use a book title…

“My Sunshine Away”

Your loving eyes
Your beautiful heart
Please don’t take…

Your wonderous smile
Your boisterous laugh
Please don’t take…

Your strong arms
Your protective embrace
Please don’t take…

The sound of crushing metal
The smell of burning rubber
Please don’t take…My Sunshine Away


Hour Eight – Sevenling Form

Tree limbs falling
Leaves flying
Branches thrown about

Saw is buzzing
Deeply cutting
Removing all the rot

Wife watches husband work while sipping away on her wine


Hour Seven – song prompt…

Blissfull fireflies
Dance in the rain
Watching you go
No longer in pain
A moment in time
Like a butterfly
Emerging from its cocoon
Seasons change, and end
Only to begin again
Your soul forever near
Appearing unexpectedly
As a rainbow in the rain


Hour Six – stuck in a small place…

A Wine’s Life:

Glass bottle contains me
Putting me on display
Waiting ever patiently
For someone to whisk me away

Alas, there is a hand
Firmly grabbing hold
A voice happily remarks
This one is quite old

Suddenly the pressure eases
The air I can finally breathe
As I’m poured into the atmosphere
I feel more glass capture me

Now everything is swirling
I’m being sniffed and sipped
Longing to be back in the bottle
Not in someone’s belly – adrift


Hour Five – write about a dream…

Can it be true?
Is that your face I see?
Please sit and talk with me

I’ve missed you so
It’s been far too long
Where do we begin?
I have much to catch you up on

What do you mean you cannot stay?
Heaven has had you for years
It’s my turn again
I need you near

Where are you going?
Stop fading away
I heard you say you’re proud of me
How so? In what way?




Hour Four – Photo Inspiration…

Bowled over by the truth
Decimated by the lie
The burden once thought able to bear
Has knocked me down – left me to die

I now lie in agony
Weighed down by your sin
Your love was always shallow
Yet I believed I could still swim

Now broken on the floor
You obliviously pass me by
Unaware your callous actions
Set forth your own demise


Hour Three: Take a walk…

Cardinal on my doorstep
Sing your song to me
Make light of all my worries
And dance amongst the leaves

Blue skies of Summer
Shine your light upon me
Cast away the gloominess
Ever near and haunting me

Gentle breeze of June
Kindly caress my soul
Take away the secrets
That no one should ever know


Hour Two: Magic

As she felt the earth melt beneath her feet, a loving breeze enveloped her.

She saw stardust glisten in the distance.

The sound of crashing waves surrounded her.

As fairies lifted her from the melting earth, she felt herself begin to plummet.

Floop! A billowy white cloud broke her fall.

Suddenly there was music, to match the beat of her heart.

Then he appeared. And she knew the spell had been broken.