To my Mother

In times of glee

In times of sorrow

You stuck with me

Through dawn of tomorrow


Beautiful smile

Eyes of love

Had me thinking all the while

You came from up above


To my mother

A woman so great

A superhero and friend

She is irreplaceable.

One Way Road

I found a road

Long and dark

With me was a heavy load

Lighting my way, not a spark


Onward I went

No turning back

Though it may be bent

I must follow track


Wanting to return

Somewhere far away

Forward I continued

Down the one way road

The Truth Behind the Lies

People in pain

They lie

Just like the rain

They cry


People who worry

Hide behind fiction

Always in a hurry

To escape a mind of friction


Whether to protect those we love

Or escape critique

Lying to those above

The situation is quite unique


So the truth is

Our voices are controlled

No matter what words are his

There’s always truth behind the lies

Grim Reaper

Today I met the grim reaper. He showed me what death was really like. He told me not to be afraid that there wasn’t a bright scary light. He started to tell me about my friends – the loved ones I would meet when I went. I wanted to go. I wanted to see them. This earth wasn’t worth it anyway. But, he grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes. He said, “Dear girl, it is not your time. Do not be ready to go for I am not ready to take you. I’ll come back for you.”

Moonlit empty coffins

Finally walk away with the stars

Peace settles at last

Blind Technology

Another new camera

Another closed eye

One more upgrade

Outdating the mind


We trade in technology

Giving up intelligence

Got to get the next one

Patience and wit become obsolete


Power on

Charge it up

All the while

Blinding ourselves

Even More


The moon was high

So was she.

The blade was sharp

Her thoughts were violent

She mimicked them.

The blood was fading.

So was she.

She felt her spirit


She was sleeping.

She never woke.

Even in death she was alone.


Before Darkness

Before Darkness

The sun is in the sky

Cumulous clouds cry

Rain while the wind

Whispers your name.


Before Darkness

A rainbow arches

Across the blue

With birds and

Freedom that remind

Me of you.


Before Darkness

I knew nothing

And I remember

Not who I was

Before it slept

In my soul and

Made a home

In my heart.


Before Darkness

There was no me

And there was

No you

And there was no

Day. There was


Not Listening

My words are loud

My silence louder

My tears loudest



The air

All alone

Back and Forth


You were gone too

The world was loud

The people louder

The pain loudest

We’re different

Yet the same

Drowned out

By hustle and bustle

Conversation was loud

Words empty

Hearts emptier

I cried for help

You cried for help

My thoughts drowned me

You were sinking too

Help me

But not a soul

Was listening.

The Question Mark Man

Eyes meet across the room

Irises contracting in the light of fate

In one glance you lifted my gloom

And relieved my shoulders of all that weight


Awkward hello

A shy wave

Conversations start to flow

To your words, I became a slave


Say goodbye for tonight

“Be here next week if you can”

For farewell I did recite

Bye for now, question mark man


Meet again, we did

Closer this time

Butterflies I could not rid

But, loving him would be a crime


And I was the criminal

Arrested by my heart

A cage completely fictional

But he was such a work of art


Send me a text

We’ll talk, that’s the plan

What’ll come next

That’s up to question mark man


Turns out we are strangers

But we own the same soul

Our hearts are old friends

Who bear equal burden


One date later

We were quite smitten

But chaos bloomed

Nothing made sense


Another girl

One hard choice

Just stay friends

But for how long?


The passion died

Friendship faded

Your words cut me

I knew we were broken

But I was ok


Goodbye for now

Meet again if we can

We got lost somehow

But I’ll never forget you question mark man

Introductory Post

Hi, my name is Hailey! I live on the east coast where I am a full time student. I am participating in the full length marathon. I currently work at a local newspaper; however, fiction is what I love the most. I am currently in the editing process of one novel and the first draft of a second. I am also working on short stories and poetry. My website will be launching soon so keep an eye out for I hope to learn a lot and really challenge myself throughout this process.