An Acrostic Poem: Invasive Species (#5)

Little can contain

Invasive species.

Once a stable, reproducing population has established,

Nothing can stop their proliferation. Continuous

Feeding and no natural predators,

It reproduces frequently and displaces native

Species, wreaking

Havoc on ecosystems.

Before Darkness

When the last crepuscular rays bathe the marsh in sweet golds and pinks, predation peaks.

Twilight hours inspire nightmares – ethereal veils barely separating the living from the soon to be dead.

Light refracts oddly in this aqueous medium that fosters beguiling shadows. Always remember, there is uncertainty in the shadows.

So, I will hunker down in my refuge – wait the night out. Alone, just before darkness.


Note from the author: Many fish are susceptible to predation during dawn and dusk. Predators that feed during these times are called crepuscular predators. 

An Acrostic Poem of a Travelsmith

Because of you I explored

Under the misty star-filled sky. You

Gave me all that I could ever need.

Our relationship perfect, uncomplicated.

Unusual yes, but not complicated. I

Thought you’d always be there to support me in my adventures, until you were not.

Because of you I continue to explore,

Asking unanswerable, larger-than-life questions and

Grappling with my loss.