Idiom Reboot- Penny For Your Thoughts…Where Do The Good Idioms Go?

A Penny for Your Thoughts

was pretty pricey in 1522!

The Rise of Inflation,

Better Education,

-available to all- and,

the Disappearance of the Penny

nearly sank these wise words!

With our Blooming,

Non-Flowery Language and,

desire to, “Get straight to the point!”

four words (instead of five)

will now do nicely…

“What are your thoughts?”


Poem #9, Ingrid Exner Poetry Half Marathon 2021

Dear Reader- How to Dream Your Soul Back Home- Poem 8 Book Synopsis Poem by Ingrid

Dear Reader:

We are about to take you on the greatest and most important trip of your life-

bringing and dreaming your soul home, tonight!


Do you dare to dream and

surrender to sleep?

Race away from Anxiety or

stay and

fight the foe named Fear?


Can you slumber easily my dear?

Shamans once returned our-

Wandering Souls

Venturing inward to make us Whole!

Do you believe in

the Power of Dreams?

You alone hold the key

to Unlocking your Fear.


Mounting Tensions

make Anxieties real

Playing Villains in dreams

and increasing your Fear!

Blocking the safe haven of

abundant dreaming-bringing visions that

leave you screaming.


Resolve the trauma

Resolve the pain and,

fulfilling dreams will visit you again!

Dear Readers-both young and old.

Embrace your power-

choose to be bold!

(Summary of Dreaming the Soul Back Home…by Robert Moss and poetic summary by Ingrid Exner, 2021)

The New Normal Ingredients- An Acrostic Poem- Poem #7 By Ingrid Exner

My New Normal- Acrostic Poem

With a simple turn of phrase,

we can marginalize anyone today.

Let’s take “normal” and define it here-

in acrostic style and with  a little cheer.

Nurturing our neighbours and friends

Ordinary and everyday places and things.

Random acts of kindness is the call-

Mutual admiration and understanding-

Appreciation for all!

Love for everyone both near and far away.

NOTE: These are the ingredients of what should be “normal” today

Ingrid Exner, Half Marathon Poem #7

The Unearthing Poem 5 and Prompt 5 by Ingrid Exner

It came with

no set of instructions

no diction nor dialogue

A collection of old cameras, watches, photographs,

tea cups and toys

marking my family’s

movement on earth.

Yellowed newspaper dated 1920

cradled a flowery porcelain tea cup

that once held my  great grandmother’s lips.

A black and white photo showed my nana

proudly dressed in her tennis whites

gazing longingly…

More pocket watches were unearthed

trapped in timelessness decades ago!

Rattling at the bottom of our Family Time Capsule


three small tin matchbox cars .

My father’s eyes flicked with amazement

and childhood amusement.

Now, it is my turn

to stop time-leave my mark

be immortalized

leave my buried treasure.

Poem 4-Hour Four- Voices of the Climbing Fir Trees by Ingrid Exner

Voices of the Might Fir Trees

ring from a high-

“Climb! Despite all, you must climb!”

“As the rock moves-so do we. Climb!”

“We climb because we must!”

Our life is balance and a climb to the top and, climb

we must.

Anchors of soil hold us between

Earth and Sky as we

Rise to greater heights-

Thriving in the distance!

Dressed in haloed and hallowed crowns

of fog

wrapped in mystery

We stand like great beings

Towering in triumph.

Poem #4 Poetry Half Marahon by Ingrid Exner

Hour Three Prompt Three- Sacred Repetition as Life Repeats By Ingrid Exnerr

Birth, Death and Re-birth

Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall

Each- A Life Cycle

A Movement, a Call!

Birth, Death and Re-birth

The changing of the Seasons

throughout this Life,

we learn the many reasons.

Birth, Death and Re-birth

a return to Life once more-

a repeated pattern of Birth, Death and Re-birth

now and forever more.

Hour 3 Poem3 Half-Marathon 2021 by Ingrid Exner

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