Prompt #3- A Lesson in Mind Control

The mind is creative

until inundated with guidelines

in growth and how to become

(which govern the uneducated.)

‘They’ claim to know the best process

to educate the un.


‘They’ think this is the proper manner

in which to create creativity

yet thoughts become dangerous

when fenced in or restrained

stunting their growth and potential.

Thoughts become wild and uncontrolled

without direction and guidance

or so deemed by the experts.


Creating creativity is in reality

the oxymoron of education.

‘This is how it’s done’ is their motto.

‘Don’t fence me in’ is mine.

No wonder education is expensive,

fences don’t come cheap.







Prompt #2- Recipe for Fear


One disabled car

1 cup dark stormy night

1 cup deserted road

1 dozen extra large unknown sounds

Mix well with at least 1 cup raw fear.

Let sit for sixty minutes. Bake 12 – 14 minutes or until fear rises to the top.

Hour one, prompt one : The Growing Season

Her hands work the earth tenderly but without reservation.

Once planted the long tedious growing season

becomes a lifelong journey into the unknown.

Weeds are many but the crop is strong

overcoming the insurmountable

to bloom beyond her wildest dreams.

She harvests what others cannot.




























Hi everyone. I am a newbie to the marathon. I look forward to the challenge. Hope everyone is healthy. Talk to you in the morning.


Hello fellow marathoners!

I am a newbie but am looking forward to the challenge! I have been writing mostly poetry all my life and have had a few pieces published in anthologies. My writing group friends have encouraged me to pursue my poetry and having a book published. I hope you are all healthy and safe. Hope to connect with as many as possible. Best of luck to all!