#PoemNo7 Angst – j.r.m© 2016


Worry resides in my bones,
rents pieces of my heart and
peace of mind to paranoia,
unease, malaise,
fear, dread and terror.
With their sharp claws
and razor sharp teeth
the carve niches
under my skin.
I feel so breathless
Suffocated, intoxicated.
I crave calm,
I’m surrounded by chaos
Haunting, screaming,
echoing, sending cries of stress
when I’m under duress.
Paranoia blurs my vision
fooling me
scaring me
mentally scarring me.
I’m forever on the edge,
biting my nails
preparing perchance
for the danger
that lurks around.
I’m the victim,
I’m everybody’s fool.
I’m the butt of angst’s joke.



Seduction of words,
is something you’re
known for…
You weave sonnets in my name,
you find a thousand ways to express your love in words,
you drive me bat shit crazy on the edge of insanity,
pushed beyond limit,
Now let my passion over fill your cup.
devouring desires,
raging storms,
stirring something immaculate.

j.r.m© 2016


Brightness penetrates my soul,
darkened to a shade unrecognizable
When darkness meets light
it’s not always the light who wins the war…
j.r.m© 2016132996995215373635_axelffnl_c

#PoetryPromptNo1 The End


The end is clear as day flashing in front of my eyes,
The end is near I can feel it lingering
approaching, crawling under my skin,
invading my sanity.
The closer it gets the more I lose my grip over reality.
Maybe in the end I am meant to let go of reality
and embrace unending eternity.

j.r.m© 2016


Flying spirits
caged hearts
beating furiously
in broken rib-cages.
Souls opened
wide soaking
up the sun
My naked vulnerability
shies away from
like a broken clock
breaking, mending,
Unraveling- I’m bound
by you.
Our souls are made of
stardust exploding
in the sky.
Crashing, falling,
With you
I’m a living but
breathless paradox.
-j.r.m© 2016

#PoemNo3 Before darkness- -j.r.m© 2016

Before darkness
comes emptiness,
calling out to my soul…
reaching out
for my hands
grabbing them
and almost
pulling me under.
I become numb
before I know it
I’m swallowed whole
by emptiness and
spat out into

#PoemNo2 College Dreams -j.r.m© 2016

College Dreams
-j.r.m© 2016
My college dreams
were young and naive…
untouched by the
situations weave.
I had it all planned out,
Yes even with the building
Peer pressure and the times
My heart got broken.
I dreamed inspite of it.
There was hope in
my eyes, and the way
I viewed the world.
A certain innocence
that comes with
Being naïve…
Being pure
In the way
I hadn’t been dealt
A bad hand..
What would I know about pain?
What would I know about suffering?
What would I know about loss?
What would I know about weakness?
What would I know about struggle?
what would I know about giving up?
If I hadn’t even been put in a particular
Situation which called for feeling the above?
I learnt my biggest lesson after I was dealt a bad hand
Life isn’t only a bed of roses…it has thorns too,
that will prick you and you will bleed, hurt , scream, cry.
I learnt only later
that my college dreams
were nothing but a dream…
True life requires
a bit of suffering,
a bit of pain,
a bit of learning
a bit of falling
a bit of almost giving up
a bit of surrender
a bit of trust
a bit of heartbreak
a bit of struggle
a bit of learning to fly
a bit of crawling
a bit of falling down
a bit of bruises…
a bit of everything…
College dreams are nothing
But the dust of the ashes
I made my peace with…
Occasionally I look back with a certain
Fondness to reminisce
The eyes that brimmed with hope
And that certain kind of innocence…
I miss the most…


#PoemNo1 :D Love letter to the beloved words I once failed… -j.r.m© 2016

Get set go…
Love letter to the beloved words I once failed…
-j.r.m© 2016
Words don’t fail me now,
I’ve been gone for far too long,
this I know,
But I’m here to make up for
all those lost moments
I failed to express you,
string you together
like a pearl necklace.
Words don’t leave me hanging…
I know you kept on banging
my door, waiting for me
to acknowledge you,
to notice you,
to place you
where you truly belong…
In-between the lines
the black spaces
and feelings.
Much goes unsaid,
and unexpressed…
But, I swear tonight
I’m gonna make
it up to you…
for you are my lithium.

New bud on the block.

Giddy with excitement and at the same time nervous.

I call unto the writer gods to give me right words to write my heart out.

New bud on the block 😉

My first time.

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