Safe Harbor

Envelope me with
a righteous wisdom and
sustain my faith
in the face of wandering
roads and weary travelers.
Guide me to a place of
rest & peaceful certainty.

Road Trip

Up before the sun
Car filled to the brim
with elbows & knees touching
Heads bobbing in sleep
Drool soaking shoulders and
Feet stepping on bags stuffed
In every open space
Are we there yet
Not quite but soon

The Hook

This thing we have
is over
your once sparkling
Has grown stale &
your laugh is no longer
a rainbow
in my life’s stormy skies
it’s over and
soon as I find my shoes
I’m gone


caressed by darkness
chocolaty smoothness
layers of heat
miles of care
surrounded by sound
blanketed with desire


Mismatched socks
Misplaced keys
Misunderstood tears
Even the best laid plans
may go awry
Nothing slows the clocks
steady march forward
drawing ever near
the planned departure


drops of juicy fruit
unchecked down fingers to
from chins and
sticky, sweet on sun-warmed

Black Boy Joy

I see you
jaw tight
fists clenched.
I see you there,
beyond this wall
Running, grasping, falling.
I see you & call out
but my voice is worn to a raggedy,
raspy whisper &
you can’t/don’t/won’t hear me.
I see you & realize
I never understood desperation.
I never wanted anything,
not really
until now.

The Purge

Exhume the clutter of your past
Discard the dust of yesterday

Create space for new manifestations
Embrace unfamiliar circumstances

Interrogate the value of everything
Consider usefulness across time and space

Today’s shimmering revelations become
Tomorrow’s rusty remembrances

Self Portrait

bright colors splashed on
white canvas to convey
unrealized and boundless new
cast to the winds of
eyes painted bright and
with the promise of


There is comfort to be found
in busy streets and
crowded rooms
a distraction of thought
pulled by every sight and
sudden noise

There is comfort to be found
in spaces that are not
silently welcoming that
do not embrace your imperfections
in strong branches while
murmuring waters and
soothing winds pull you
into an eddy of remembrance
there is no comfort to be found

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