6/24 Nerd Love

Love of stories

Began my love for you.

Caring for characters

Hastened my caring for you.

We bonded over plot lines

And bonded our hearts together.

I came to understand you

By first understanding them.

So thank you, fandoms.

For fanning the flame

Of our nerd love.


5/24 Gummy Bears


Soft squishy gummy bears

Yummy on my tongue.

The kind of snack that when you bite

The snack screams back for fun.


4/24 Snacktime

Eating to live

or living to eat.

Which one should I be?

Eating to live keeps me grumpy and lean

but living to eat is a dream….

3/24 Before Light

The darkness may go on forever,

or so it may look like to you.

No light at the end of the tunnel,

No home for you to go to.


But the reason you can’t see the sunshine

Is because it is just past the bend.

You just have to turn one more corner,

And then the darkness will end.


So if you’re in doubt, don’t despair.

Just because you can’t see the light.

The last thing you should do is stop fighting

When the end is just out of sight.

Morning poem.

Too early.

Too bright.

Too much life.


Why too much?


I love time.

I love light.

I love life.


But not today.