Have u ever
never been held by loving arms
Heard I love you from your mom
Been in trouble with your dad
Lived with strangers who claim they’re fam.
Have you ever
Never been kissed
caring hands caress your face
A spirit to fix your soul.
Have you ever
Never been loved before.
Have you ever
Met someone that made your heart smile
Made you feel it was all worth while
Given you spirit and faith in life.
Have you ever
fallen in love



Love is all around u. Light is going to guide u.

Be the light of love and shine ur energy so I can feel u from here.

Be the force and move my mind body & soul.

Be the peace and the calm so there is never a storm.

Be the nothing that will always be the most important.

Be great galaxies that we can explore.

Be the angel that that I been waitin for.

Attention Attention


Attention! Attention, read all about it

Spot light on,

Scene 2-take 23-action!!!

Is it all about you?

Is that all that you do

Can u not be the center today?

Can u b with the commoners, Movie star

Drama queen

Give me space so i can cause a scene

All eyes on me I am the queen

Your eyes need to see so they can envy

Me, me, everything me

Give me a break –

Attention seeker

U are meager

Fight for a role

One night u can’t go without diggin a hole

For recognition is ur only goal

Compensation, what for

Arrogance and ignorance really become u

Misery loves company and ur alone on this one

You, you, all you!

Over the top

Ever hear “Less is more”?



Bring u back to my library-

Lesson 1:

Attention seekers

Victim players

Recognition needers

Drama queeners

Get a grip




Today is not ur day

This is not ur 15 mins..

Can’t get a spot off my light

Wait ur turn

Thief my thunder

So u thought

Reality check

It’s not about u chick!

Seekers don’t know what to seek.

Scene 34-Take 12- action!!

As I make my grand entrance


No pictures please, no pictures please!

Yea right, Moviestar

Drama queen

Wish u had a friend?

U rather b in the running for next Mrs. America’s Got It Goin On!

Phony is what they call you

Beauty is shadowed by the things u do

People can’t understand it,

No they don’t like you

Arrogance and ignorance, u wear it well

Unfortunately you are everything your mother is

Next role is playing the victim

Oscar Award

Encore Encore!!

I know this one, it’s where she blows things out of proportion so everyone can feel sorry for her,

Seen It- Hated It!!!


I’m closing my eyes
Stepping into ur space
Coming closer to ur face
I feel u watch me
U moisten ur bottom lip
And bend ur neck
Grabin my hip
Meet me half way
Shuttin ur eyes
They meet and press
Push and kiss
U push ur way thru my lips
Dancing together
Teasing each other
Suck on ur lip
Lick it and kiss
Lick me and kiss
give me sweet bliss
Play in circles
Play in strides
Just play around- inside
Ur hands explore
Mine caress
U touchin under my dress
Excited lips push
Tongues runnin wild
Eyes meet eyes
Thoughts agree
U say: come with me..


Where have I been

So you want to know where I’ve been ?

I been chasin.

I been gamin.

I been playin.

I been waitin.

I been here

I been there

I been absolutely nowhere…

I been hi and lo lookin for someone.

Been to hell and back

Been to the deepest parts of the oceans

Been to the highest mountain

Been lookin for something.

Been searching for a love

Not so complicated love

Some kind of special love

I want that real love

Will try not to hurt me love

Will always love you love

We can be happy love

I want to love you love

Butterflies kind of love

Sweep me off my feet love

Doesn’t make me cry love

Make beautiful music love

Hot and steamy love

Wake me from my sleep love

Let’s do it again love

I won’t fall asleep love

Breakfast love

Hold me tight love

Never let me go love

Flowers for no reason love

Spontaneous kind of love

Just because love

Be by my side love

Always got my back love

Never disappointing love

Won’t leave me waiting love

Tomorrow may not come love

Cherish the day love

Never run away love

Someone to call my own love

Talk to you all day kind of love

Grow old together love

Together forever love

Never walk away love.

So where have you been?
















by Khalifah Luciano


Lay hands on me

Place ur hands over my head

Heal my mind

Close ur hands over my face

Make my beauty shine

Cover my heart with ur healing hands

Take my pain away Heal me

Feel me under my skin

The power to heal

The love can do

Hope I can b in ur hands forever.

Sometimes I need u

It’s not Wat u want It’s Wat u need

Put ur hands over my heart

Take my pain away

When those days are movin

My body is limp

My soul is broken

Place ur hands over my soul

Save my life I kno u kno

Lay hands on my weak

Lay hands over my dead

Lay hands to my spirit

How u heal When u feel

The power of another.

I love u, when ur under

The spell in trance

To heal with ur hands.

Mother #1


The prayers are sound,

everyone whispers the word of god.

Whispers fade

short stares take the place,

Gasping for air,

no one dares to take her breath

Silence is sound and all around eyes witnessed

Eyes glistened,


Daughters and daughters and daughters

with more to come

Surround the mother #1.

The prayer we said and peaceful she left

A breath we could take for our hearts sake.

Sobbing- now is mourning

Being without her is now torturing

I just lost my great-grandmother

the look on her face makes me shudder

mothers love is like no other

Here alone feeling withdrawn

Now all of my mothers’ are gone.

by Khalifah Luciano

The Juke

My sorrow drifts like lingering smoke

I brand myself the fool

cause I fell in love with you.

There’s our song playin on the juke.

Hot desert days

Waitin for it to play another tune.

My lonely hearts been blue

Come spring time glory

Bring a new tune.

Let’s sing a new song

Don’t waste no time

go ahead, drop a dime.

Ooh I hate to show I lost control.

My sorrow drifts like lingering smoke

How could you be so cruel

I brand myself the fool

I keep runnin back to hear that one track.

My heart knows it’s a fluke

Our song still playin on the juke,

Hot desert days

Waitin for it to play another tune.



Like the Montague’s and the Capulet’s

A forbidden love is what has risen.

Pointed fingers take turns

At reciting the laws that were given.

To sneak away for the night is a risk taken

Our love could never be mistaken

A battle between worlds would drive us apart

A secret love is what we hide in our heart.

When the evening comes we shall hold

Only darkness can tell whats to unfold

I look to the moon and you utter goodnight

You watch over me and tell me its alright.

Against the laws of nature that u should kiss my very lips.

It is a sin that we should make love due to our status.

It’ll be frowned upon if u mouth the words I love you.

Is it a crime to want you and u to want me too.

Confusion if we wandered to close in the day

Soon it will be love- and from love we can’t walk away.

Deaf to the conscience and blind to fact

The love that is growing you can never take back.

It could never be regrettable — our love

When you face the inevitable — my love.

Can’t they find the joy in

Our love that has been poisoned?

By Khalifah Luciano