Hour 4: I am free!!

It doesn’t matter that I have purple hair,
Nor does it matter what I wear.
What I saw looking at this picture was, Strength!!
As I looked at what was surrounding me,
What I thought would overtake me,
I realized what was in me,
It was not by mistake that chaos broke out on every side,
I just had to let go, all pride had to be put aside!
As I danced and I worshipped,
The weight, the heaviness it had to break!!
See even the strong feel weak and have to be reminded of just what they possess!
In my storm, I am powerful!
In my peace, I am powerful!
I carry the necessary equipment,
To divide and conquer every situation that tries to hinder me!!


Not Defeated

When the enemy attacks,
I’ve got my bible bat,
I put on the whole armour,
I face him and strike him,
No longer will I continue to let him gain on me and hit me with his sneak attacks! For I am more than a conqueror,
It’s in my God’s word,
No I won’t fear, No I won’t be afraid, Nope I won’t be dismayed,
For my God covers me, My Jesus walks with me, and The Holy Ghost keeps me, So what’s that you say, Oh no devil not today or any day!
I am planted, rooted, grounded, and I will not sway! For I am a child of the King, and no good thing will He withhold from me, So my day will be better, No better than better,
because regardless of your attacks devil,
I still have the victory!!

Don’t Forget Me

Don’t leave me out,
I am part of the celebration too,
Don’t leave me out,
Because when they hurt,
I hurt too.
I am only a child,
Yet I bear the pressure,
The pressure of being a preacher’s kid,
I see the laboring,
The time spent,
Interceding relentlessly,
For the body of believers,
Yet they still care for me.
I am the twinkle in their eye,
The best gift they ever received,
And no matter where they are,
They’ll always think of me!
Don’t forget about me,
Although my steps maybe small,
I am the fiercest of them all,
Walking boldly in the foundation they have laid for me,
Not afraid to ask God for anything! While they look after you,
I ask God to let mommy and daddy rest too,
They are training me while I’m young,
So my anointing,
my Holy oil is strong!
Don’t forget about me,
As big or as little as I may be,
I was chosen,
To make them laugh,
To make them smile,
To brighten up the day,
When all they have done is cried.
I am a preacher’s kid,
Fulfilling my destiny,
Showering them with the love,
That only a child could give!

Lift Your Head

My sistah, my sistah,
Why are you so burdened?
My sistah, sistah,
Why is your soul so heavy?
Oh my sistah,
Why is your head bowed?
Oh my sistah,
Don’t forget that crown!
The crown that He wore,
That streamed the redness of your freedom,
The crown that He wore,
That made you royalty,
The crown that secured your future,
Made you an heiress,
Before you even became you!
Oh my sistah, my sistah,
Go ahead and lift your head,
You were made whole,
By stripes He wore,
And the nails in His hands!
So my sistah,
Find joy in your sorrow,
Find hope in your soul,
Live in His grace,
And walk into your destined place!
My Sistah! My Sistah!
Did you hear what I said?
Wear that crown,
Stand up proud,
Because in everything that seems wrong,
That crown brings strength,
That same strength,
That took you from a timid princess,
To a God-fearing Queen!
My sistah, MY SISTAH,
You will find Peace!!

Unappologetically Poetic

I am unappologetically poetic,

I move and rhyme in such grace,

One stroke of the pen,

And there it is,

A masterpiece created so beautifully!

I am a poet and I love it,

Not appologizing for a thing,

Because I am the Queen of pen and paper,

Crafting each word with precision,

Making the delivery very clear,

And as I sit back and watch,

There’s no turning away,

I’m unapologetically a poetic!!!