Poem (#12)

Thin blue glass filled

With clear water cool in hand

Fell before lips touched




Poem (#11)

We talk in general

Terms like that thing and this stuff

You said use your words


Poem (#9)

Here for a wedding

All black, white and glimmering

Sweat rises through clothes

Poem (#8)

Web strung groundcover

Makes scary, enticing hole

You call your home

Poem (#7)

When I see you now, I look,

an observer, free from prejudice,

Glean information, see subtle changes

No conversation needed

And please don’t notice I’ve looked

Nothing’s new again

Still don’t want you.



Disorganized clouds

Drifting singular style

without peer

Wind one way, clouds the other

No consensus

Before Darkness


Make ready for dawn and dusk eating Cardinals

Repair welted flower beds

Set right trash at the curb

Take a trip to compost bin before greeters arrive

Run to get ice

Once the curtains close on your day, the outside seems less friendly,

Less transparent.