Hour 15- Man made bird

I am not fond of air travel

Airbus, Boeing, A380 or jet,

How can something so heavy fly?

I cannot seem to get.

The take off feels like g-force

the terrifying soar

My palms start to sweat

I tighten my jaw.

My body feels fear right down to my core.

We’ve made the 30000 climb

and just when you think it’s going to be fine,

a bump and a shake you feel you’ve hit a comet

It’s just a few air pockets that encourage you to vomit.

Every minute feels like hours,

Every dip feels like death

Finally it time to land

and I can claim my breath.






When you’re stranded at sea

or lost in the woods,

The earth your feet are placed on

will serve for greater good.

“Your land knows you even when your lost”

Water it with care no matter the cost.

When you’re short of breath, tired and low

Trees are the kindest things I know

Sharing their oxygen, giving you shade

Even go and Hug a trunk

When you’re lonely or afraid.

“Your land knows you even when you’re lost”

Water it with care no matter the cost.



Hour 13-write

I wake up from my slumber,

wipe the sleep out from my eyes

To paint the page with poetry

to break all negative ties.

To write is a blessing

it means you have a hand

a brain and heart conversing

to make the reader understand.

I don’t pledge to be incredible

There’s endless talent here

I choose it as my therapy

to calm my inner fear.

My page is my doctor

medicine is my pen

Its not about if there’s healing

just a matter of when.

Hour 12- Entwined

I needed him as surely as I needed My heartbeat

A used his lungs for air

codependency not good for them

but they didn’t care

For every step he shadowed hers and used his nose to smell

His hands to touch, his young to taste, his voice to talk and yell.

inseparable like Siamese twins, a love like theirs was real

Touch like leather, clear as glass and unbreakable like steel.



Hour 11-Somewhere in the galaxy

Somewhere in the galaxy lies another sphere

with water, sand and signs of life just like we have right here.

The difference is there is no bad, just everything that’s good

If only I could leap across to the Utopian-like hood.

No haze or pollution, no suffering and No crime

Hills of greenery , clear water, no dirt and no grime.

birds humming to a tune , lovers holding hands

smiles and kindness all exchange and everyone understands.

Lets take a leap to the across the stars and find the land of the dove

or make the change right here on Earth

with peace, health, joy and love



Hour 10-moonshadow

The moon casts a shadow over the sun

In the dark times you think evil has won

But you also take a moment to see what you’ve got

which is greater than most you have quite a lot.

So you start to ponder what life would be like

without your possessions and lifestyle so lav.

The darkness has actually allowed you to see

The stars in the heavens twinkling to me.

Hour 9 – C-virus

Sitting in my cottage, just home from the store

A strange heat started to radiate from my core.

With each spoon of my porridge, the lethargy got worse

I reached for a bottle of meds then zoom called a nurse.

Random thoughts flew through me, my mind began to ask

was this because I went to the store without my Covid mask?

Looking up to the tree line I asked to get a sign

Then saw a little firefly that said I’d be just fine.

Hour 8-William Blake’s emoji with a twist

Tigers there’s a fire, a great colossal explosion

William Blake’s forest trees have undergone corrosion

In the night I think I see a ghost but cannot touch

but then I look right left again it scares me so so much.

Hour 7- Season of the Sunflower

Disease was rife, plants were dying

roots were warping, the soil was crying

Yet the Sunflower stood strong

Her beauty stood tall

She smiled and faced the sunshine through it all

Let us be like the Sunflower and weather the storm

turn away from the shadows

from the break of the dawn.


Awakening to the birds heartfelt tune

Scent of freshly cut grass

and pitter-patter of raindrops in June.

In the garden child laughter

at the fire we sit cosy

passionate lovemaking

my cheeks turn all rosy.

End with a bubble bath

candles and wine

A day like this would go down just fine.