9. Little Spider

Little spider

on the wall.

Why you disgust me?

I don’t want to tell you.

Search for a friend

somewhere else.

Find another spider on the other

side of the wall.

Or befriend some other bug

You don’t want to eat,

don’t want to catch in your spidery web,

you little predator.

I wrote you this poem

You see it well,

But we still cannot be friends.

You can thank me

by not climbing down

after I switch off the lights.

Or else

You have to die.

8. (Percy Bysshe Shelley-Love’s Philosophy) I

Do not ask me what

these words leaving my mouth are.

I don’t know them either at all

but I cannot enunciate other than these.

All the hugs and kissings

we shared, they worth

nothing, as if

we worth nothing to you, thou

gave me the world in a single kiss

but that world belongs to me not.

‘Cause you belong to someone else, not me.


7. Peace and Quiet

I’ve never ever scared of the thunder

but next to you, I pretend I do.

Just to feel your strong, heavy arms on and around me

any time a lightning crosses the sky.

In these brightful moments I cannot decide

which legs and arms are yours

and which ones are mine.

I like to sleep next to you in this peace and quiet.

Even though these thunders above us

are not on a diet.


6. Impossible

I want to taste it

Just one time

How does it feel like

to be loved?


How does it feel like

To be loved by someone

for whom you are flawless?

5. A Place in My Heart

Green grass covered the hills

We were running bare-foot in circles

Watched the sunset

Until mosquitos tried to make our blood

their dinner.


We stole some straw-bales after midnight

Sleeping in the warm hay

without blankets

Who got to the top of the pile first

Was the winner.


We were riding horses

Feeding the pigs

Adoring the lambs

Watching the flashes of falling stars

On the dark blue sky.


I’m only asking what would it be,

what could our world again be

Without that damned wi-fi?

12. Tale of the Hour

‘I will try to explain to you

In one hundread words

no more, no less,

without dreaming of you

My nights are sleepless.’

said the pure little innocent princess.


‘With you in my dreams

I feel so alive

I don’t wanna wake up

when twillight arrive,

You are so different

From the other princes.’

said the pure little innocent princess.


‘Whatever I ask you

You do it relentless

You don’t even care

That I’m a total mess.

You love me the way I am,

And I love you back, I guess.’

said the pure little innocent princess.


‘I live in your dreams,

Don’t be so selfish

What you call love

I call just service.’

said the prince.

‘ Be a good boy, and mind your business!’

said the pure little innocent princess.

4. Trying to Imagine

Yellow leaves

Under your shoes

You pick up one

Put it into a book

You were trying to imagine.


Your best smile

On your time-worn face

You just put it on

And fake it to the One

You were trying to imagine.


The leaf gets brown

And you cannot paint back

From memories

The lively yellow colors

You were trying to imagine.


At last you learn

You must give up trying

And try not to try

The things only

You were trying to imagine.


Where can I find you

You hideous little monster?

11. Ode to Your Self

Love your Self,

Your man, your wife,

Love your unrepeatable life.

Your too small eyes, your messed-up hair,

Love the wonderfully colored skin you wear.

Love your nose, your ears,

Your smile, your tears,

Love your uniquely imperfect denture,

Love the fact that to be alive

is a continuous venture.


Love your Self,

and love the people around.

You can always start to make love

Let’s start today,

before the ground.


3. The Mess We’ve Made

From this mess we’ve made,

there’s no place to hide.

There are no logical reasons,

nor good excuses

for this genocide.


We need you God, more than ever,

I crave for your forgiveness!

Though we’ve given our soul away

so long ago

for a bigger business.


The mess we’ve made, oh God,

you see, it’s tremendous.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse,

am I right if I assume

you’ve sent them?






2. What I feel now…

What I feel now

is a long-felt want.

Every night and day

like a ghost I haunt

to feel something

other than emptiness,

searching for the meaning of life,

the substance of me-ness.

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