Ocean of Emotions

Soft gentle breezes

the tug of the Moon

thoughts drifting at bay


Tides rise high, tides drop low

all natural occurrences in a day



Moon Child

it is the Oceanic way


As rippling water,

the Ocean of Emotions arrive

Waves of thought begin to collide

Maintaining balance gets strenuous

As SELF struggles to ride the incoming tide


Flew the Coop

Like a bird, I sat in a cage

Waiting for your attention

Each day I watched as you walked by

Not knowing my intention


The cage – prison of security,

of my very own invention

I cooed, I squawked, I made a mess

Longing for some intervention


I waited and wondered,

why not sing with me?

A song of our invention


An ounce of prevention

Is worth a pound of cure

However, understanding that

seems beyond comprehension


My sorrow grew strong

My patience grew thin

My needs, only

Fostering dissension in the end


So now your gone,

Flew the coop

This nest is mine alone


I will sing my song

And sing it strong

Being left in isolation

And strong conviction




Weaved within the law of cosmic balance

Knots in the web cause ‘need fire’ reaction

Driven to turn stresses to strengths

Needs & distress release, no longer a distraction


Changing Fate, with knowledge & wisdom

The Norn orlog tablets for re-casting

A newly grounded force of reality

Is brought into positive action


Nauthiz operates by what necessity dictates

Not what you desire or wish

Skuld veils all future fate

To profess otherwise is foolish






Hail brings devastation

A chaotic nature from birth

Hagalaz will make or break

A test of your self-worth


To defeat, one must show grace

Show courage and defiance,

Looking impossibility in the face

If weak, death is your alliance


The cold will cleanse

The dark will permeate

But Hagalaz is where, alone

You will germinate


As the ice melts into water

The damage becomes undone

You now have a chance

To once again become






Temporary & Fleeting

You are my major block

I must have the other seven in sync

before your magick unlocks


Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz,

I embrace and galdr well

Ansuz, Raidho, Ken

Make me journey deep inside my shell


Gifu, however

Leaves no one by my side

Equality of time & self

Was only just implied


My happiness is something

I find hard to maintain

For now I will just gift it out

And hope Wunjo returns to me again





A process of gifting & receiving

An exchange built of strong bond & honor

Equated by time and sacrifice

Gifu should be worn like a Bonner


On the one hand –

We should gift with no needs of return

A credit and honor, supporting dignity

On the other hand-

We should receive in kind

So beware of those taking for infinity


When involved with a partner

True love is worthy of a KISS

X marks the meeting spot

Of sacred committed bliss


The magickal power held within

Is realizing the only thing

We can freely gift is Oneself




Flame harbored within me

Flicker of cosmic fire

When kindled grows into passion

Roaring brightly with desire


Ken, sixth in Freya’s Et

Lighthouse on the journey

Guiding safely through the storm

Into the hearth of hearts, so sternly


Passing knowledge to each generation

Pulling from heart’s light

Overcoming worldly limitations

With a forging might


A transforming torch

That lights the path well

For a seeker to see clearly

Messages across the veil




Are you ready for this journey?

The one that we call life


Do you have a destination?

Happiness, toil or strife


Are you moving forth with life force?

Or just along for the ride


Who straddles the saddle with you?

Friend, foe or nye


Are your ways and means ready?

Or are you just riding blind


Are you really in your body?

Or just traveling in a dream






“Can you speak your truth?”


By bringing forth expressed energy

In poetry, prose, and art

One is gifted communication

From more than just the heart


Ansuz sees beyond the apparent

Tapping into the innermost self

A higher form of deliverance & awareness


A Rune of Sacred Knowledge

Invoke this divine power for help

Release of energy blocks and mind

Found within thy self




Protector and defender of the cosmic order

Help me to guard against unwanted, harmful influence

Surround me with gateways & protective borders

While granting me with awakening experiences


The rose is beautiful yet it has a thorn

I want to pick, I want to adorn

But I am afraid


I don’t want the pain

I don’t want to bleed

The thorn is protection

Yet I have such a need


Overcoming this fear

To access your beauty

This Runic key has such a duty