Lifetime Itinerary

The Forbidden City,

Where an Empress

Laughed,loved and lost


The Summer Palace

Where a Jade ship stands

Strong, imposing and aloof


In Barcelona, a cobbled street,

Where a vendor has something

Just for you


In Rome, a street cafe,

Where we sip strong cappuccino

Resting well worn feet


The child of Prague,

Where we took a wrong turn

An unexpected find


Where you are by my side.

A True Calling



Where others kept a facade

She lived for her work,

Fearless and forgiving

in another’s name.

Where others judged

she opened her arms.

When backs were turned

She counselled.

Every needle track

in a junkie’s arm

told a story.

Every cell door

that slammed

let her in.

Christlike, she entered

under the roofs

of the most wretched.

Christlike, she was shunned

by her peers.

She’s gone home now,

He life’s work completed

An angel among us.