What is your name? – Hour 1

What Is Your Name?

You’re the longest relationship I’ve had, yet the strangest one there is. No one understands us, they forbid us to kiss in the eye of the public. When I speak of you, metal bracelets are wrapped around my wrists, confining. They take me away from you. They don’t understand, you and I.

I’ve known you a long time, your the friend I tell my worst dreams when I wake in the morning. We share our days and our nights, sometimes we can go for eternity it seems. You make me confused, the clock shows that time has moved. But I don’t feel it, I don’t feel anything. You take it all away, make me forget every time.

I’m so confused. So alone.

I hate you sometimes, don’t you know? You were my worst enemy, you were my best friend. You are my worst enemy, you are my best friend. Not much has changed, the game has stayed the same.

What’s your name?

They always ask when I speak of you so highly. But I can’t tell them, they never seem to think so fondly of you.

So while you are within me, I write words that I’ll never remember in two days when you have left me.

I can’t remember a time I was without you, I never do. I don’t want to. Your my best friend, I need. I can’t live without you.

I hate you, so damn much.

And yet, you’re my only true friend.