The race of life is no sprint
But a marathon
Time draining
Energy dissipating
An endurance test for those who dare
Consistent pulse
Passionate drive
Unrelenting zeal
As the ultimate seal
As we wind the windy bout
Winning is a reality
We all desire and

Are assured to clinch…


The voyage of life
Is enmeshed in a puddle of stack realities
The highs and the lows
Like the pendulum
Sways and swoons
The graph goes up
And swiftly glides down
The journey is never straight
Embellished with twists, twirls and turns…

Like a jungle of roving beasts, predators hunting,
Haunting their preys
With brazen craftiness

There lies the will to win in the raging battles of life

Winning the war is the ultimate goal.
Like eggshells, the delicate transition for survival continues…

The journeyman must continue to wrestle his way to unending triumph!

Blaze Your Light!

Blaze your light
To darkened orbs
A vanguard of hope to hopeless tramps

Ear to the deaf
Eyes to the blind

Feet to the lame
Arm to the armless
A haven to the homeless…
Lighting up every darkness
Father to the fatherless
Mother to the motherless

A shinning ray to hapless dusk
Easing the pain of the pained…

A defence to the defenceless…The beauty of personified succour to the needyFor your reward shall be multiplied to you, to your generation…

Make life for others count

Yours shall surely count boundlessly

Breaking Barriers

Barriers are limitations
To progress envisioned
Breaking such limits
Will inspire the required change
I am a firm believer of positive impact
Against the odds
Change is inevitable
Because limitation
Is only in the mind
As a skyward bound gladiator
Challenging stereotypes is my forte
Outstretching my yesterday is a normal
My biggest Challenger is me
Outshining my yesterday is a mission…
As I outrun every limitation to claim the medal of self mastery in a sphere of corporate politics

And eye service…

Sudden Wealth

The craze for overnight wealth
By an indomie generation

Of jerry-builders abound

With no drive to hustle
They sow a seed of grain and await

A massive harvest of gold overnight!

They go to school but never attend classes

Expecting a First Class!
No wonder, their civil engineering degree with a pass degree

Is as worthless as a piece of pie.
No motivation to build
When they do, their foundation is definitely waiting to fail,

They never seem to get it right!

Their crave for insatiable wealth doing nothing is their biggest setback…
Dabbling into dubious schemes to fastened path to the place of riches
But when they eventually do
Their hands are stained with blood
From thuggery triggered by deep pocket politicians
And drug barons
With no regard for life…
Never walk the path of sudden wealth
It will steal your peace, then your life!

Death Claws

The nightlong passage

Of a jolly good fellow
Into oblivion
Loud and clear…
Of a saintly soul
Who suddenly yielded to the summons of home call
A glorious exit to the other side of life
Your radiant face
An innocent charm that exuded the passion of an ageless wingman
You were a lively lot
With a heart of gold
Of the purest kind…
Dust to dust!
May the earth replenish your very kind…

Let Joy

Joy rings with ecstatic bloom

Infecting all on its path

Joy conquers pain

Its fertile realm

Remains a tranquilizer of hearts and lives…

Joy triggers the sweetened bits of living…


Let’s pursue joy with unrelenting passion!


The earth endures the chaos of pain
Across age groups
Across racial, class and religious lines…
The pain of sickness
The pain of living
The pain of parting from a loved one
Pain of death
The pain of change
The pain of living
The pain of endurance
We are wired to manage pain
Let your pain heal…


Yesterday ended within the precinct of unfulfilled dreams
It died without accomplishing the dawn of a new season…
Yesterday, now dead lingers still

Yesterday was rammed into the lagoon…aborted vision, perforated mission
Yesterday never took flight
You have today to amend yesterday’s failure…

Yesterday’s procrastinated dream never embraced the redemptive light of day…
While yesterday is gone forever with unclaimed dividends
You have today to recover lost treasures

Your day is what you make of it…

Redeem lost time with your art

Reinvent the script with reinforced passion for a better today!

Your day starts now!

Taming Rage

Cage rage
To stage the sage
Whose change reflects on a page
In an age of endless rage…

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