Hour Four – KnowLedge Mary Pecaut

HOUR FOUR  – KnowLedge          Mary Pecaut




Now in 2122, we stand on the ledge

of what 

we knew a century ago –

when blue bones began again and ice-locked 

streams broke loose by choice or time

to go – climate deniers clumped and clodded

skirted round the floes gathering rootless 

growth in a wake.

We should have known.


When the integrity of dirt

was lost, gone was

kakapo, sea turtles, sloth. 

Ferns from dinosaur times

became extinct – it’s not 

what you think –

decisions were postponed

We could have known.


The earth tilted ever so

greased its orbit

as if 

to alter flow

Gaia sacrificed – her sun

no longer in view.

Perhaps we knew.

Hour Three – Two Cellos Paint Pink


Two Cellos Paint Pink      Mary Pecaut


They lay upon the covers

resting on the final note

no encore needed



Each plays their part

the way of trust

floating notes alight

on gut.


Three years or thirty five 

each duet is precarious

Every new song longs

its’ home, a stradivarius.

Hour ONE – Watermark

Watermark    HOUR ONE       Mary Pecaut


The weight of all matter

matters more the longer

you wait


Body immersed     wrinkles emerge 

sebum washes thin   water 

penetrates papered skin


Watermarks mark origin

to dissuade imitation

a value defined by limitation


A garment can recover

Rubbed silk removes a watermark

stain of tainted lover


being in water

begin again


Hola from Panama City, Panama

Greetings Fellow Poets! I’m excited to join the Poetry Marathon 2022! Two years ago, I participated in the Half Marathon and this year I’ll be tempting fate with the full marathon. One of my challenges will be staying awake! (I’m 62 years young.) A few things I’ve been doing to get ready –  free-writing for at least 15 minutes twice per day, listening to poetry podcasts daily and reading poems on the Poetry Foundation website. I have a notebook where I jot down words or phrases I’ve heard and images I’ve observed noting possible metaphors. Cheers, Mary