The Signs

Tales of tea and tarot decks
Voodoo priestesses and lords
Precious gems and stones cut raw
Oils and scents and trunks galore

Witches brew and boiling potions
Magic spells cast on wild shores
Ouija boards that channeled spirits
Cuban cigars, dark rum, folklore

Genies waiting inside shiny lamps
Granting wishes in days of yore
Conjured candles, smudges and incense
Covens, caves and secret doors

Full moons at sacred sand dunes
In desert lands with wild boars
Mayan calendars atop pyramids
Mystical beasts with goat-like horns

Gods that ruled the elements
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, too
Medieval contraptions for pain and suffering
That only anarchists knew

A Shepherd boy named Santiago
Braved it all around the world
In search of treasures long and far away
Leaving behind only a girl

When the sandstorms started swirling
All around him, then he knew
The crystal glasses he’d sipped tea in
Told him exactly what to do

He trekked without his flock
And continued focused as he roamed
Like Dorothy who grew up in Kansas
He learned there’s no place quite like home

The gift of Magic

It was revealed to me in a book one time
and also in the stars
I could feel it in my bones
Some sounds were soft and sometimes far

When I saw him I just knew it
I recognized his eyes right away
We both knew we’d known each other
In his embrace where I was safe

In his arms where I would stay
In his arms where I would pray
In his arms I dreamt my biggest dreams
I’m still dreaming now, today

I have loved him since forever
Long before our paths had crossed
Without his light, love, and support
I know now that I’d be lost

I Am

I am breathing
I am living
I can see, I can walk

I am focused
I am determined
I embrace what I’ve thought

I am fearless
I am protected
I am ready or not
‘cause today’s all there is
I am bending the clock

I will fight tooth and nail
for the dreams that I dream
I am love
I am grateful
I am what I believe

All the Stars

How do you grieve
when you’re ripped at that seams?
Like there’s never enough
time to pause, even breathe

Not ready to go
Not ready to cease
Don’t wanna believe
No sand left here to see

Never taught to release
Never taught not to beat
Never taught to give up
Never taught to make peace

Won’t accept all the signs
Won’t embrace the decline
Won’t accept all that is
Rather fight for this life

When will suffering stop?
When will struggle stand still?
Must be solace and fear
Determination and will

Blue jays flying above
Wind beneath wings in flight
No more days in the sun
Only star-studded nights

When in Miami

Hello everyone!

Excited to join the challenge today with poets all around the world ✨ I’ll be reading and writing poetry from Miami today 🌞

Can’t wait to see the manifestation of magic with words reverberate near and far!

With Love & Gratitude,