#9 Uncut Umbilical (prompt9)

Isn’t it strange what life can bring?
Here today, tomorrow has gone away.
What would be a purpose?
Of those young breaths,
thrive in a moment, and suddenly cut short
What a shame could be,
As a mask of life unveiled
Zoom.. larger and more explicit
Bottled cries and sad wishes
Questions after questions left unsettled
The stale porridge and untouched
Cannot stop the heat of anger that builds up
The lethargy of a mother for her unborn child
In the cottage of dreams and hope,
Given and taken in a moment.

#8 Haiku

Kindness is a valued virtue
Spread it and sprinkled with much love
Give and receives in lots

Love is the greatest gift
It’s  in four corners of the world.
Give and receives it abundantly

Good things can be loss.
Character, attitude, and values sounds the same.
Like love and hate coexist.

#7 Freedom

Color of the day…

Bursting in chaos, smell of freedom,

Burnt blood, smoked streets

Blue against black

dark night ignites

cold heart, death arrives


Fist raise up

Million voices screams as one

feet marching, thumping, running

Ocean of people gasping

singing the same hymn

Freedom has a price

Until life ceases!

#6 My Day (Prompt 6)

Ray of sunlight slithering on my window
Cuddle my pillow
Buying a few minutes
hugging my monster a little bit
stretching arms and legs
bowing head in bent knees
whisper a prayer under my warm breath
steaming coffee and crunchy french toast
underneath the canopy of azure skies
bird singing their morning praises
my hairy best friend dancing on my feet
coffee in hand and favorite book
serenity smells good.

#5 Seasons Of Love

Cold heart, frozen emotion
Love lost in the grave of silence,
Lost love, love lost
It doesn’t matter
Winter love has gone in cold passion.

A warm and fuzzy feeling
Growing, thriving and living
Lazy, breezy, and easygoing.
Loving while it last,
Spring love, memories fading.

Heated desire, frenzy action
Sweaty nights and morning passion
Beaching and bitching
Strolling and drinking
Summer love was melting.

Grey, dry and poignant
Heart stop beating
Times passes by, leaves falling,
Love beautifully sad and aging.

Love in all seasons has ups and down,
What remains still counts,
Lesson learned or scars,
Love always leaves its mark.

#4 To My Granddaughters (Prompt4)

You came into this world in an unfashionable manner.
Without further ado, you scared the best of me.
As I watched you wiggle out from your mother’s womb,
Though I was far away, my heart is longing to hold your tiny bodies.
As both of you grew as of one of my reality,
Years came and gone, and still, I am far away.
You are my smiling sun that brightens my day,
Your giggles comfort my nights, be patient my loves,
I will be home soon.
For now, grow in love.
The world may be full of uncertainty and chaos.
But take heart and smile. Don’t be afraid to fly.
Love and don’t  hate,
Ice creams and cakes always taste sweet.
Rainbow and rain are still beautiful.
Sunrise and sunset is a promise,
The world you live in has lots of surprises.

#3 Imperfection (Prompt 3)

She looks in the mirror with sad eyes.
So many questions dribbling in her mind,
As she touches her face with a sigh,
Imperfection is a word that runs dry,
It tastes like acid and vile,
It causes her tears streaming wild.

“Am I beautiful, or my mom lied?”

She puts on her mask, a matted makeup.
Covering the dotted white spots,
Smothering every ragged edge,
Hiding the ugliness that causes her pain,
And again and again, the mirror doesn’t lie.
Now mirror, mirror, what do you think?
Did I hide my flaws and edges?
Concealed it and masked perfectly.

“Am I beautiful, or my mom lied?”

She heard a tugging whisper.
Close your eyes, and hears your heartbeat.
The mirror reflects what you see,
But it doesn’t tell you the reality.
Spotless and flawless is not a standard of beauty.

#2 Right Time To Love

Today is the right time,
To love a little harder.
Now, love is needed more than ever.
It is the time love will no longer for some,
But is craved by everyone.

Today more than ever,
Love is a healer.
Now, sick heart is everywhere,
It is time to be more aware,
Always give love wherever.

Today is the right time,
To see colors in a different light.
Now, love is not just black and white,
It is colorless and right.
Shine your love bright.

Today is the right time,
To hold hands.
Now, love without bound,
It is love not hate,
The world needs to propagate.

#1 Love More Than Enough

As I open my eyes in the morning,
Down on my knees, head bowing.
The new breath of life I am taking.
It is a gift coming from heaven.

I don’t deserve it even just a bit.
Whatever I have is grace from above.
Forever I will be grateful as long as I live.
Nothing is impossible by His mercy and grace.

I will praise Him in song.
I will rejoice in His blessings.
I will be forever thankful.
For all the things He has done.

Our vessels are now full.
And no longer will be empty.
He fixes all the wrong in us.
His love is more than enough.

# 8 Just Another Day

Curled body in an empty bed.

Another  sleepless night ahead.

Tossing and moaning,

The pain is real and agonizing..


Reaching out…gasping the breath.

From a long night of waiting.

Is this longing can see the end?

She’s to tired for wanting.


She hopes the end is nearing.

So she no longer paining.

It’s been long overdue.

The thirst is now real and new.


The morning come… she opens her eyes.

Hoping to see a ray of light.

But once again, she sighs.

Just another day… not in  paradise.



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