Keep Your Shoestrings Tight

Make sure your shoestrings are tight

As you walk through life

Taking it all in stride

One step at a time

The beauty of life can’t help but enthrall

Moving along without the trip and the fall

Take it in stride as you take in it all

Avoiding lifes wayward call


The Aftermath

Where is the bright tomorrow

In the wake of this aftermath

With so many tears of sorrow

On the ground where peace once sat

What we hold in our hearts and hands

Is the daily struggle to understand

The reasoning of the wicked mind

With such disregard for all mankind

If it’s peace we want we must spread the seed

The center growth to all our needs

In these times it’s hard to understand

But love should be the aftermath


one more poem

i’m as lucid as a lunatic

playfully insane

over the moon like a loony tune

tiddly winking the day away

over the edge as if unhinged

flapping in the wind

being led by voices in my head

as they speak up once again

my elevator quickly passes

every other floor

but in my mind i still can find

the light of one more poem



Heart Undone

This hearts undone

Most every morning

Then takes in the day

To make its way home

With strings unstrung

This heart is unknowing

Yet still can play

The sweetest of songs

No Clue


This is what it looks like

When you sit down with nothing to write

This is what you do

When you haven’t  a clue

As 5 o’clock in the morning

Comes screaming with no warning

And what you had prepared to write

All looks wrong to you

You sit still for some time

Stirring up the rhyme

As you hear your bed

Call for your sleepy head

Your brain moves in a haze

Hoping for escape

So like I said without a clue

This is what you do



A Month Of Sundays

A month of Sundays

Must have gone by

Do you still sit and wonder

At the reason why

Are you missing me now

More that ever before

Has the echo lost sound

From the slamming front door

Have you figured out yet

That I ain’t coming back

I see no sense

When there’s nothing left

A month of Sundays

And I still wonder why

It lasted this long

What did we hope to find

A month of Sundays

Must be a sign

That all this took up

Too much of our time


The Yawn

Hey, watch where you point that thing

You know it’s dangerous

Were all adults here

And you know what it does to us

Now that you’ve got it started

That chain reaction, the ripple effect

You have us all in the middle of a yawn

Not a dry eye is left

You went ahead and set it free now it won’t leave us be

Contagiousness at its best

I asked you before now I’ll ask you once more

Could you please give that yawn a rest

The Rhyming Word

One thing that poetry

Has taught me outright

Is you can’t beat the word

When it’s put into rhyme

Where things may start out dull

Changing with time

Before you know

They sparkle and shine

As they weave in and out

Of poetic word play

Silver in tongue

With the gold they create

Nothing astounds

Or even comes close

As poetry sounds

In the rhyming word


Amusement Park Girlfriend

She often costs more than she’s worth

Yet other times the greatest show on earth

She rides me constantly when I do wrong

Then plays up to me like a carnival song

You never know where her mood will swing

She’ll close up shop and say it’s time to leave

Other times she likes to clown around

With the biggest of smiles that lights up the town

I love her so I must confess

Though I never know what’s coming next

She has certainly been a roller coaster ride

A house of mirrors with no one more confused than I

Keeps me laughing and guessing wherever we are

My girlfriend the amusement park



It’s Going To Be Alright

And when the time does come

Where I lose my very thoughts

Right before my ladders last rung

On the verge of fall

When all that I have left to grab

Is this simple plea

With what time little that I have left

Through your arms round me

Then kindly whisper in my ear

As you hold me tight

At that point all I need to hear

Is it will be alright

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