Buds- Hour 16

A tinge of sweet

Like the citrus burst from a lemonade

But not quite as sweet as sweet as overwhelming

Overwhelmingly sour

The type to make your eyes twitch for a bit

But I craved the sweetness

So I took another sip

But it must have been tooo much

Because there was no taste

The Beyond- Hour 15

The light at the end of the tunnel

Had called out to me, saying,

Enter ye at our own risk

This place of riches and wisdom

This cave of trials and temptations

This place of no return

And within me I felt a strong conviction

But I ignored it and turned my back

But I wish I had not

For the world I left behind was no more

Little Devils- Hour 14

Little Devils

Running across the porch

With dirt on their hands and faces

And soiled clothes for mummies to launder


Little Devils

With their innocent questions

Eyes that twinkle with laughter

And not a care in the world


Little Devils

Causing trouble as they grow

Defying their mommies and daddies

Children make a happy home

The Greatest Love- Hour 13

And when we get to the edge of that cliff

Would you promise to push me over and end my misery?

Would you promise to let me go?

To not shed any tears for me?

And when we are lost in the woods…

Do you promise to tie a firm knot

And let me swing from the branch of that tree

By my neck or my feet?

And when I go under water

Promise to tie an anchor to my feet

So that I have no option but to sink

To the bottom; the dark nothingness


To tie me to the train tracks

Then walk away

Promise that you won ‘t look back

Or change your mind

Promise to let me find eternal happiness

And I swear,

I’ll only think of you in those last moments

I’ll die with you name on my lips

Nonets For You- Hour 12

There’s so many reasons I love you

You make me so very happy

You make me smile like the sun

Pancakes and midnight snacks

Cuddles and back rubs

Always helping




Eyeache – Hour 11

I’m sleepy as hell

And tomorrow is Sunday

Church is by 12:30pm

And I plan to be early

But I must stay awake

And write new poems

Hour after hour

Until 4pm tomorrow

So I’ll spread my eyes open

And if I fall asleep

I know I’ll dram of random things

Like periwinkles and forest rangers

Or skyscrapers wearing gumboots

Even though I have no idea what gumboots are

And I’m too sleepy to google it

I’m 17

My bed sheet tonight is camo

And I love everything camo

I’m tired

So goodnight world


This year – Hour 10

I’ll be a better person

Learn to ride a bike

Workout seven days a week

Eat once a day

Select only good people to be in my life

Force my acne away with a new skin care routine

Drink 10 glasses of water a day

Shower twice a day, everyday

These were my new year resolutions

On the first day of this year

It’s June and

I still can’t ride a bike

I never work out intentionally

I eat a lot of junk at various times of the day and maybe one health meal

There’s good and bad people in my life

I’ve learnt that acne has no cure

I only drink water when I’m reminded

Or I see someone else do it

And the weather’s too weird to shower twice a day

So instead

I just try to get through each day

With as much happiness as I can

I’m not lazy

I’m just human

And I Bid Ye Farewell- Hour 9

Dear Lost City,

For the sand meals I cooked

On childhood playgrounds

For my first day at school

When I took my first steps

For the lifelong friends I made

And the lessons I learnt

The trees I climbed

The pools I swam

Drives to school

Parties with friends

Laughter- as much of it as you let me

Thank you

But I must take my leave of yoou

Because brighter futures await me

Over your mountains and across your seas

I must find the secrets that Life holds for me

Rescued- Hour 8

Over by the rocks
Hidden in a cave
He spots a caravan
Pulling three women

Beaten and battered 
Hungry looking and distraught
He longed to help them
So he fired some shots

Scaring their captors
Freeing their souls
He approached the trio
And discovered they were four

Guised and mysterious
Yet menacing as she was
The story unfolds 
To discover the secrets she holds

Before – Hour 7

I remember

The last breath of unfiltered air

On a cool evening

I stopped and raised my hands in the air

And filled my lungs as much as I could


I remember

Trying to hold that breath

Because words cannot explain

How pure and wholesome

How refreshing


Had I known

I’d have held on a little longer

Because now the air is polluted

With an incurable virus

And to breath this filtered air

Has become the new normal