9. Bottled Pains

He bottles up his emotions

Hoping to mask his pain with the alcohol in his veins.

To zoom past the fears and onto the healing

But the heat of those moments will never change his past.

He looks back at those times with a strange glance

His lethargic behavior was self deprecating and dismal

In hopes of healing he turned to his lover.

8. Who Knows How the Emoji Rolls


Smells like a challenge 


Love it, will I sound like shit though? 


Be a total clown, die of embarrassment, or ride like a champ and have some fiery work?

7. Season of the Phoenix

The Phoenix has a multitude of phases and paths

Throughout it’s journey it was will rise and fall like humans

The most beautifully chaotic phase is during the death and rebirth cycle.

You see after it’s burnt itself into ashes

It’s renewed into a much stronger and more resilient bird.


Humans also resemble similar phases throughout thier life cycles.

There are moments of deep grief, loss, and extreme sadness that we sense

Some of us understand more than others the type of pains that can lead us to the darkest depths of our cognitive functions.

Others will recognize how easily we can get lost in those dark thoughts, which turn into cages of imprisonments of our minds.


I want to remind you that the resiliency we have can and will conquer any darkness we face.

Our minds will also go through the season of the Pheonix and burn themselves to ashes,

As we will rise to become even more tenacious, more experienced, and much stronger than we began.










3. Bopping Rhymes

Bops help you hop and drop to down to do squats.

A bop can help you groove to a rhythm while you move.

A bop can’t be stopped, unless you think it’s a flop.

Bops make you dance, unless you want to keep your stance.

Choose the beat to help you move your feet.

And the bop will keep getting you hot.


6. Friends, Food, and Travel.

Loads of dancing with my closest friends,
In Mumbai, Rome, or Los Angeles…
Lots of delicious, crave worthy foods made by authentic cooks who own thier crafts,
Vada Pavs, Pizzas, and Tacos,
Poke Bowls, Texas Cheese Fries, and Fondues.
Boba, Gelato, and Chocolates.
Traveling to beaches, sightseeing, and shopping for leather notebooks and pens.
Finding hand painted artwork of everyday things and people in the local area.
Having long walks and conversations with some of my closest friends and family.
Winding down the day with a nice massage overlooking the sea,
Being served with chocolate covered strawberries of course.
Before bed, I would write in my new notebook about all the adventures that happened that day.

5. Peace Within Me


Stars float into the ocean as I drive into the night sky

I wonder if the nights are as lonely for the creatures in the sea as they are for me.


Sleepily, I look into the sky as I rock in my canoe.

Listening only to the ripples of the water,

Seeing only the bright silver dots in the endless curtain of darkness.

I wonder if the beauty I see tonight is overlooked by the creatures of the land.


Dipping my fingertips into the refreshingly freezing water,

As I feel the warmth and humidity of the summer breeze against my cheek.

Gazing into the moon, there is a feeling of deep calmness I achieve on this rocking boat…

I wonder if I will ever gain this sense of peace with myself when I’m surrounded by the city.



4. Dear Nani

Dear Nani,
I hope the days are passing by with peace and prosperity for you.
I hope your days are filled with health and joy as you age.
How are you doing since we last spent time with each other?
I hear good things from mom, but how are you really?
Have the days been passing by faster or slower than normal.
Did you expect anything like this to happen?
I know I didn’t. I was supposed to see you again this summer.
But sometimes things like this happen I guess.
Anyway, although it’s been a couple years since the last time we spoke,
I still think of you fondly and remember the stories you told me,
I still remember the foods you made for me and how we enjoyed each other’s company.
Although there may be people who tried to make me feel a certain way about you,
I understand that sometimes misunderstandings are created on purpose to change the dynamics of a relationship,
Sometimes people begin to feel jealous and begin interfering with the beautiful bond we have.
The forced misunderstandings may have led to some awkward situations, but it hasn’t changed the essence of our love and respect for each other.I will always have an extreme amount of respect for you.
I understand that you have been through a lot of suffering in your lifetime and you still chose to live. I understand that life has brought you down an infinite amount of times but you still chose to rise above them. I understand that you have been hit with struggles that I couldn’t even imagine, nor that you would share with me, but you still chose to live through them instead of letting them drown you.
There are moments that I’ve lived through with your daughter and your other grandchildren that were some of the worst times of our lives, filled with life long traumas that we are still dealing with today.I want you to know that it is because of mom and you that I realized that there is a point to living  a long life.I realized that there is a point to moving past the pains of our generational traumas that came from the pasts.
I am writing this to you to say thank you for pushing past your life’s traumas and doing the best you could to make my mom’s life better. She is doing the same for me and it’s inspired me to create a thriving life outside of what was expected of me in our traditional family household’s expectations.
Thank you for staying alive and handing down the resiliency and tenacious characteristics that you developed all those years ago. Thank you for passing down your intellectual curiosity and love of learning to me. Thank you for passing down your nurturing side and all of your love to both my mother and I. Thank you for reminding me that living life through the ups and downs is what makes the story worth living for.
Life, I know understand is not meant to be perfect, but it is meant to help one grow into who they were born to become. This is something that I realized after my visits with you and I want to remind you that you are an inspiration to me. I’m grateful to have the traits that you developed throughout your life and I will not forget them. I will not only survive the pains like you and my mother, but I will thrive off of all of the challenges that I face and continue overcoming them for however long I live.
Nani, you are a powerful woman and I’m lucky to have you as my grandmother.
Lots of love from your U.S but totally Punjabi Granddaughter,

2. Recipe for Disaster 

Recipe for Disaster:

  1. Stress
  2. Overthink
  3. Worst Case Scenarios
  4. Psych Yourself Out
  5. Manifestation


Sprinkle a little stressing out over the situation you’re faced with.

Make sure to add around 4 cups of overthinking in addition to the stress, and marinate the situation with both for an additional four days.

Now after the four days are marinated with stress and overthinking, you can being playing and replaying the worst possible results for the situation in your head for another 12 hours. This will lead to you being psyched out about the whole thing all together. Don’t worry! That’s normal during this process.

Finally you will manifest the worst cases that you replayed in your head as your true reality.

1. Shero

Intelligence, Resilience, Tenacious, Loving, Nurturer.
Immigrating from a country that didn’t give her many opportunities,
She risked everything for the betterment of her child,
So that her daughter would thrive in the land of opportunities,
So that she could see her child enjoy a life filled with freedom rather restrictions…
She was passive and obedient for most of her life,
She faced an infinite amount of suffering,
She endured jealousy, hatred, oppression, in the form the family she married into….
She was living only for her children during this time,
Her children were witnesses of all the social crimes that she survived,
There were so many forms of hatred that were being spewed at her mother…
It wasn’t until she was older that the suffering and her passive traits were changing…
It took about half of her life to fully understand who she was meant to become…
At 50 years old, she witnessed the courage and strength that she withheld throughout her entire life….
She was like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of her pain and reborn as a stronger version of who she used to be…
This mother of three decided to be strong when she was shamed for being harassed….
She was fed up with the unnecessary stresses of her in-laws and husband,
She was done listening to anyone about who she was or what she could do,
She was over the bullshit excuses she told herself about them,
She finally saw them for who they really were…
They manipulated her, abused her, and took advantage of her kind nature,
They didn’t deserve what she had offered them for most of her life…
She became someone who wasn’t willing to listen to those who oppressed her any longer…
She became someone who didn’t want to serve backstabbing people anymore…
She let go of her old self and decided to become who she was meant to be…
She is now a star in her own world…
She has people who support her and love who she truly is…
She has changed people’s lives in the best ways possible…
Whether it was through an unexpected gift or a heartfelt conversation…
She touched people’s souls if they would let her..
She is my Shero.

Introduction to Me -2020

Hello Everyone!


My name is Harmeet and I’m excited to do this for the second time. My first half marathon was 5 years ago and a lot has changed since then. I am excited to write and share the work that will produced during this year’s marathon.

I have been working on a novel for the past month or so. I believe that the word count goals for that book will help me during this 12 hour writing session. I also hope to see prompts that will increase my inspiration. I also think this will also be a great way for me to become more disciplined for my book as well.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your work too!

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