Hi fellow marathoners :)

Hi fellow marathoners, I am Nehal from India. I have been reading and writing poetry from when I was a child, quite literally. I wrote my first piece of poetry in Hindi when I was seven years old. Though I haven’t quite had the courage to share the vulnerable side of myself through my words initially, I am now more than comfortable to read and feel between the lines and to make space for my emotions to dance and pop through the words.

For me, poetry is healing, uplifting, and probably, solely and concretely the only thing that got me through the pandemic. I cannot wait to engage with y’all and for starters, I would be participating in the Half marathon. I really wish and hope that I am able to pull it off. Besides anything, I am looking forward to sharing my work with amazing and talented people who are participating in this marathon from all over the world, hoping we could connect over words and I am equally excited to read the masterpieces that you guys are gonna create. More power to y’all. Let’s do this, marathoners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!! Good day and my best wishes to everyone 🙂