Prompt Twenty-four

Thoughts tumble through my head

As snores whisper softly in the night

I itch to make myself useful

But fear waking anyone up

Pacing silent, I listen to the house hum

Noticing background noises without laughter

It’s an eerie kind of peaceful

Despite the plans that had been made

I focused on the goal of staying awake

But time has come for a quick rest

Before my busy day starts without me

Farm – Prompt Twenty-three

The red barn sits, used only for storage

An old farm truck sit by a gravel hill

Wooden corrals are overrun by cattails

The tractor’s bucket peeks our by the barn

Calves have been replaced by motorbikes

Trees have been removed for good

Things have changed way to much

My comfort zone has shrunk a lot

On my childhood home,things changed

For better or for worse has been undecided

The only reason I return, is for a man

I man who I love and call Grandpa

The Night is for Sleeping – Prompt Twenty-two

The night is for sleeping.

Unless you are an owl on the hunt,

Or a bat out for a nighttime flight.

The night is for sleeping.

Despite the howling winds,

And thunder rumbling everywhere.

The night is for the sleep.

As I scoff at the irony.

Sleeps sings it’s teasing lullaby.

As I fight for two more poems.

My Letter to You – Prompt Twenty-one

Dear Love,

I wonder how you got that scar?

And why you are so very far.

Do you ever think of me, my love?

I know I think of you, my knight.

You invade my thoughts during the day,

And haunt my dreams in the night.

I wait with lacking patience,

Till we meet again, my love.

I’ll hold you close to my heart,

And pray that time passes quickly.

Stay safe and out of harm, my love.


Coalition – Prompt Twenty

Side by side the bear and girl walked

A fox leads them to their destiny

Passing by a few autumn shrubs

And buildings that have been marked

The girl paid no attention to the surroundings

Marching forward with a slight skip to her step

The bear ambles forward along her side

And the fox saunters as he leads them

How are you? – Prompt Nineteen

How are you?

Asked the cheerful lady,

Living in 309 down the hall.

How are you?

Eyed the watchful doorman,

As he opened the doors.

How are you?

Grumbled my stern boss,

He just kept walking by.

How are you?

The waitress politely inquired,

Her smile screamed hidden hate.

How are you?

Questioned the nosy old woman,

Despite the answer, she asked again.

Tired from all the how are you,

I only cared for one above all.

That was my joyful dog,

Licking my day away.

Tippy – Prompt Eighteen

Her name was Tippy, she was just a puppy.

Covered in black fur, with a white T on the chest.

Who was there every day after school.

Something didn’t feel right one day.

Hopping off the bus, I had no greeting.

Trusting the lies I was fed.

Until the truth had been exposed.

A little girl’s heart broke,

As trust crumpled in the wind.

Broken – Prompt Seventeen

Empty words drained me of all joy

Doubt crawled through every thought

Breathing becomes to difficult

Pain is squeezed into my chest

Tears of betrayal seep down my face

I stagger forward, toward confrontation

Desperately wanting to hear otherwise

Concert – Prompt Sixteen

Music thumps through the air

Vibrating to our feet through the ground

Cheering screams echo after every song

Lights of every color blind people randomly

Lewd dance moves are performed by singers

Heads bobble like an unbalanced sea

Cheers grow louder, asking for an encore

Music thumps through the air

Heart – Prompt Fifteen

Two things we humans require

A brain and a beating red heart

Pacemakers assist the heart that can’t

Just as pills assist in other ways

The flow from the heart helps us live

But is often treated with disregard

After being neglected, the heart attacks

To be taken care of or buried below

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