Back in the Day

Back in the day I had to put this pen to paper just to tell you that I love you

Now I can just send a text

I used to wait for my grandma to get off of the phone

so that I could dial into the internet

Now we are consumed by bluetooth

wireless headset and handsfree devices

Technology has taken over our lives

Children don’t talk to parents

husbands don’t talk to wives

but what we once we lived without

we surely can’t live without it……

She fell in Love

There once was a girl who fell in love

when she thought that she never would

but something that was much bigger than she imagined

Something truly sent from God above

This special thing became her everything

She distanced herself and got caught up with it

It was the only thing that truly cared for her


It was always there to comfort her

No matter what mood she was in

nothing could make her quit

She found herself because of it

she fell in love with music…..

I forgot where we were

I forgot where we were

but at this point it really does matter

I’d rather be lost with you in a day full of laughter

I forgot where we were

but I want to be  submerged in your world






Before Darkness

Before Darkness

There is a moment of sunshine

A moment ot rain

A moment that makes you forget about pain

A moment where nothing in this world matters more than where you are

A moment where you can let your imagination take you far

But when the darkness comes

You’re never fully prepared

You never see it coming

but you know it when it gets there

It’s hard to breathe

Hard to eat

Hard to smile

but easy to sleep

When darkness comes

know that it won’t last

someone once told me…

This too shall pass

The Beginning

The time has come to start a new journey

No more look back

It doesn’t exist any ¬†more…

not even the time when your heart got cracked

Today is a new day

You’ve got a clean slate…

you have to choose what you want to add to you plate

Sit yourself still, focus

and listen to your inner voice

then from a place of peace

make happiness, joy, love your choice…