Hour 6

I wait outside the door

I listen to the sobs inside

The door is locked, I cannot come in

Let me in, baby girl

Let me say it will be alright

Hour 5

A red brick facade, a stately double door

Curios adorning the walls, crystal chandeliers shining down

The warm glow from the fireplace with armchairs completing the look

The open, inviting kitchen where meals are cooked with love

The cozy library in the corner with a hundred books lining the wall

The laughter of kids emanating from the playroom above

My hand caresses the furniture I set out in loving detail

I promise myself this will be my home someday

Hour 4

The baby is asleep

Now is her time

To take a nap

Take a shower

Cook a meal

Do the laundry

Eat hot food

Read a book

Watch a show

Call a friend

Wash my hair

The list goes on

She can’t get up

She can’t choose

And time runs out

Baby needs her mommy

She doesn’t have the strength

Yet she will go

Feed, burp, change, soothe

As the cycle starts anew

Night will bring the suppressed tears

And day will just come and go

Hour 3

It’s easy to miss

Those little things

Lost in our busy world

We often cannot see

The squirrel on a tree

Bright eyed, busy tailed

Foraging all around

Busy with its own existence

And I wonder in bewilderment

How are we all that different?

Hour 2

One step forward

Three steps back

Little feet darting about

Sheer rapture in every step

Clapped on the mouth

Then clasped in joy

Two chubby little hands

Flying about in mirthful glee

Eyes dancing, face shining

A look of awe on the face

Excited chatter streaming forth

Lisping words about the wonder beheld

Magic may not be real

But magic, we can see

For, through the lens of a three year old

Magic is naught but an automated door

Hour 1

It’s just the first hour

With eleven more to follow

I am staring at a blank page

I am willing the words to flow

I thought writing came easy to me

I am an author, that’s my job

Yet a simple poem eludes me

I am feeling like a big flop

It’s not ‘in’ to rhyme, I know

But it’s the best I can do

I am struggling to stay afloat

I am determined to see this through