2, 4, 6, 8
We were the team they would always appreciate
Facing our team meant an automatic win
Then we were forced to shake hands and smile no matter how bad it had been
Our team sitting at dead last
Getting destroyed game after game was such a freaking blast
Our team barely getting a run
Everything would change when our coach said just go have fun

Our team heard those magical words
Inside our baseball hearts there was powerful surge
Game after game we became a different team
Please nobody wake me up from this dream
Hit after hit, score after score
The team the opponents faced earlier in the season doesnt exist anymore.
Even got kicked out of a game
The catcher I ran over and the ump shared their last name

From dead last to 2nd by the end of the season
Coach’s magical speech was the reason
At the end of the month the playoffs will begin
Proofing to the rest of the teams that we have the fire inside to win
Game after game behind the plate
Watching our team evolve from nothing to great
This is what happens when your feet score run after run.
I will never forget when baseball was that fun


Crack of the bat
Smell of the glove
Feel the scarlet stitching
Brown stained white sphere

Handed the mask
And the gear
Behind the plate
Can never show fear

Running drills
Day after day
Constantly dirty baseball cleats
Never will forget that baseball year


“Happy birthday to you…”
Sung by friends and family
Smiling awkwardly
Sitting there and waiting
Watching as the flame eats more and more of his wax meal

“Happy birthday to you..”
11 going on to 12
One last year of being a kid
Before the teenage years
Then adulthood

“Happy birthday dear…”
Contemplating the birthday wish
A bike, video game, or a new book
My last birthday wish
As a child

“Happy birthday to you!”
The singing is over
Here comes the moment
Close my eyes and make a silent wish
Wish for a happy life
Guess I am actually
Growing up..