Despite your current battle

with the dreaded big ‘C’,

you continue to amaze

not only me,

your courage is inspirational,

your joy is a surprise,

you’re very good at hiding

the fear behind your smile,

honestly my friend,

you’d be well within your rights,

to be a little selfish

and focus on your fight,

but your overwhelming instinct

is to help others where you can

where you get that strength from,

I can barely understand,

I find myself almost grateful

for the journey you’re going through,

for it’s dissolved all the walls

and we see the true you.


The Cupboard

You locked me in that cupboard,

with barely room to move,

a tiny little dark space,

too small to be of any use,

except you found a perfect answer,

for what to do when you went out,

lock me in that cupboard,

you could leave me there for hours;

I do remember that one day,

I couldn’t take it anymore,

the day resistance hit my soul

and I kicked out the door,

I knew you would be angry,

at the damage I had done,

but I was definitely prepared

for the punishment to come;

I didn’t care about the belt,

I just couldn’t stand the dark,

of that tiny little cupboard,

the epitome of your heart.

You are my magical elixir

my drug of choice,

my life-long addiction

with such a powerful voice,

my first thought each morning

so sad but true,

your call is seductive

I can’t live without you.


First poetry marathon

Hello fellow poets 🙂

I am excited to be involved in this marathon (or half-marathon) and will be preparing my writing area today.

Preparation involves lots of food, coffee, paper, a bin, and a great deal of trepidation.

I am currently a very mature aged student where writing poetry is seen as some sort of torture that only those with madness ingrained would like. I love writing poetry, be it rhyming, free form, whatever calls to me at the time.

I am definitely looking forward to the adventure and reading others poetry. What a glorious way to spend a Saturday!

Good luck to everyone involved, enjoy the process; onward and upward we write!