The God In Water

sometimes i think water is God
it’s formless
it’s tasteless
it’s colourless
it’s odorless
it’s very innocent
its very patient
Yet none can survive without
In our bodies it takes the biggest percentage
on our earth it covers the biggest space
water! water!water…
my God water.

Eyes Only

Honorary doctorate
Yes, to the Moon
Not to the loud mouthed Sun
When darkness falls
Darkness roam
They are awash
The Moon sees all these
Being a gentleman
The Moon never tell
It remain tight lipped
like a fool yet it’s playing the wiseman from the east.
Thanks heavens it’s the moon on night watch
Otherwise dirty linen will litter the streets
Hopefully the moon doesn’t take a vacation…


In flight to Norway
From Nowhere
You shit your black and white shit
On my white shirt
You spoiling my white shirt
On my way to a white-wedding
Where Iam set to marry White
My white groom
It will be a black&white wedding
Bride white
Groom black
Bride’s name White
Groom’s name Black
Tell me Bluebird
Is this black and white shit
You dropped on my white shirt
On your way to nowhere
Is it a blessing or…
Is it good or bad omen
Is it taboo for black to marry white
Are the the gods happy or angry
Are they blue with joy
Are they blue with anger
Tell me Bluebird
Is this gonna be a black-day
Is this gonna be a white-day
My lovely White
Can’t wait to marry his Black handsome
White Can’t wait to tie the knot
But you Bluebird
Your black and white shit on my white shirt
Is making me blue
It is making me black
Iam nervous
Are you for me;angel
Are you for me; devil
White-angel or black-devil
You owe me…


Hie iam still  trying to learn this WordPress, should  i get to the marathon day without get it 100% don’t  judge me harshly, you will have to look at the content not the arrangement, iam one person who enjoy using the white space but iam  currently struggling with this WordPress