sand to discover (Prompt hour 6)

foot falls repeat

foot tap sand

sand gives way

sand records images

images of sea

images in mist

mist and matter

mist that wanders

wander toward cliff

wander with love

love slows down

love watches laughter

laughter at spray

laughter hurts cheeks

cheeks flush pink

cheeks chafed in wind

wind smells of ocean

wind a guarantee 

guarantee of comfort

guarantee for life

life escape

life the point

point there’s gulls

point to destination 

destination none

destination realized

realize heart pound

realize breath out

out of my way

out to play

play in waves

play for keeps

keep going

keep my hand

hand me over

hand of welcome

welcome warmth

welcome to hold

hold the line

hold back

back to the beach

back to horizon 

horizon deep blue

horizon feels heavy

heavy thighs ache

heavy pants cone

come to discover 

come to rejuvenate 



complete and safe Hour 5

promise to care

promise complete 

complete control 

complete the puzzle

puzzle not broken

puzzle to solve

solve a riddle

solve for x

x too harsh

x to avoid

avoid the camera

avoid the lights

lights blind me

lights to condemn

condemn this kindness

condemn assigned gender

gender all pink

gender dirty snake

snake hiss hiss

snake settled around

around my wrist

around my neck

neck very vulnerable 

neck all exposed

exposed and tense

exposed to bite

bite now sharp

bite catches breath

breath of fingers

breath born

born from pain

born of submit

submit as play

submit to implement 

implement the hoax

implement an escape

escape to freedom

escape the pain

pain in chest

pain to agree

agree to diminish

agree to hide

hide from him

hide away heart

heart in cage

heart safe

safe cracking

safe in ice



the first nudist pool party after covid (Prompt 4)

hats and pants off to you all

safety found in white vaccination records

salacious smile from our hostess who provided

sex machine demonstrations in the living room

sun soaked breasts

scrutinize them, that’s why I’m here

sounds of pleasure

silly flirty coquettish glances

secure a room 

settle on a large bed

seize the day or something like that

hats and pants off to you all


(First and last line accredited to “Bonk” by Mary Roach)

worthless (prompt 3)

I didn’t say I’m worthless

I didn’t say I’m worthless (he did)

I didn’t say I’m worthless (I thought it)

I didn’t say I’m worthless (but the insinuation was there)

I didn’t say

joyful unseen things

sudden acceleration

the silence after hiccups 

the sense of weightlessness floating in a cool pool

being called sir

breath-stopping complete release orgasms

a negative test result

kitten nuzzles


an empty to do list

soft snores of my beloved

gender euphoria

the pulse slowing deep first hit

birdsong mimicking owl hoot

shadows of rebirth

too many times, or perhaps not

enough times, I have crafted a new

veneer for this life, for my

persona, after all tomorrow is

another day, and another, and still

more. new beginnings collected in a firefly jar

of wishes to not be


shadow upon faded shadow,

black and grey scars chronicling the


and falls

of my gummed up gear filled phoenix.