When Death came to Call

She lay in the hospital bed
Looking so small
I had to remind myself
That once she was so tall

Always Vibrant and full of Love
Her heart struggling to beat
Death was coming for her
It was so painful to see.

He walked into the room
Appearing bright as the sun
Her life was now over
Before it had really begun

He ushered her spirit out
As She took her last breaths
And this fast became my
Most hated experience with Death

The new day was dawning
Birds singing their songs
Goodbye to you, Mother
We’ll see you before too long


Pushing myself farther than ever
Soaring out beyond the ends of reality
Seeking more than anything to find the meaning
Learning to trust the process of growing
Learning to love the me that I find.

Healing Fire

Sitting in the dark night
Alone with my soul
Eerie blue eyes
Piercing my flesh
Staring at the whole of me.
Feeling the deep hurts
Knowing the guarded secrets
Stealing my light
Flickering flames
Feeding off the internal turmoil.
Burning away
the waste left behind
Searing holes filled
With Molten gold
Alas, a new Creation unfolds

What Matters

You can’t stop
Stop the thoughts in your head
Head up in the clouds
Clouds so thick and lush
Lush and long like your lashes
Lashes out with anger
Anger feeding his soul
Soul food to feed me
Me, and me alone
Alone in my thoughts
Thoughts of forgetting the past
Past the time of now
Now is all that matters.


I reach out my hand to touch the sky.
You laughed at me and asked me why.

Because I can, I reply with a smile.
My dreams have carried me higher than a mile.

If you see me floating away in the wind,
Always know I will come back again.


This hour the prompt
Has broken my brain!
Chasing my thoughts
Driving me insane!

Refusing limitations,
I shall not be cubed
Condensed into normal
Is just short of rude!

Majestic and magical
With unicorns I ride!
Joined by the Fairies
We jest and and we vibe!

Over the clouds
And the rainbow!
Let’s go, my new friends
There the words flow!

Revel in mystery,
Folklore, and such!
Normal is a word
I never must touch!


It will all come together
But you have to begin.
Believe in yourself
You can do this, my friend.

Allow yourself freedom
Recognize the need.
Feel in your soul
Burning hunger and greed.

Not for fortune not fame
Should you desire or seek.
But a leisurely stroll
Using both of your feet.

Time capsule

Matte images on printed paper
Memories of a lifetime
Decades past

Notebooks and pages crumpled and worn
Words, barely legible
Scribbled furiously

So many emotions
Smiles and tears
Courage to thrive
In spite many fears


Arduous journey
Heaving to and fro
Uncharted course,
Location unknown

Black depths
Foaming white caps
Waves or mountain peaks
My eyes cannot behold

Boundless horizons
Senseless of time
Mysterious creatures
Magical finds

“So we beat on,
boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly
into the past.”

The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald


The process is unending
Much like my thoughts
Parading unhindered
Throughout the universe