Hour 4

I am in catch-up mode now so I will have to write lots and lots!! I used a poem that isn’t published anywhere that I had written a month or two ago for this one. 


The world will end muddy in earth’s blood making it anew

This is what I tell myself when I am destroyed

When my sight is lost from mud and blood

When I cannot find the sun or color

I remind myself that it is getting ready to make things anew

That I can be reborn into something glorious and bright

That the darkness can be washed away til I shine again

So when I am muddy I wait to be anew

Hour 3

This one came together so quick! But I enjoyed writing it. I’ve been working through some feelings about a friendship and this is where I am at/getting to.



This is a study on object permanence

I want to see if you think of me on your own

Or if I will disappear if I don’t put myself in your view


This is a study on object permanence

Because I am always bringing up anything

Or sending things that make me think of you


This is a study on object permanence

I wonder who else is pushing into your view

Or if I am the only one wanting to be unwanted


This study is over

I am closing our chat

Or should I say my chat

Hour 2

Yay this one came to me pretty quick! I think I could add more lines but I like where it is for a first draft.

Hour 2

Coffee and Change


“Here’s your 25 cents”

I take my quarter and wait

Coffee pouring from machines

And I think back to three years ago

I wouldn’t touch coffee too bitter

And I think back to three years ago

When I was maybe in love with someone

And I think back to three years ago 

I didn’t know where life was going

And I think back

“Coffee for Rain”

Hour 1 in 2021

Yay it’s a new year time for some new poems!! We will see how many I title XD

Hour 1



I heard it when they said “hello”

Felt the goodbye waiting in each sound

I tasted it in the tea I drank

The flavor of them leaving

I read it in a letter finished with love

Curved letters and a period to make note

I shouted it in joy before knowing

Sensed something was off but didn’t know

2021 Poetry Marathon Start!!!

Whew almost time to start the 24 hours of poems!! I did make plans for today not thinking so I do have to make up a few hours later but I am still super excited for the day to start. Plus my roommate made brownies with coffee in them so I should be able to stay up later! Good luck and happy writing to everyone!!

Half Marathon My Hour 12

Yay made it through the half marathon! I enjoyed pushing myself again as it has been awhile since I’ve really written.



My feet hit the ground in miniature earthquakes 

My legs feeling both powerful and like jelly

My arms jiggle while I carry my things

My eyes shining bright with colors of the sky

My hair soft and the color of wheat

My body alive and well

Me alive and well

Half Marathon My Hour 11

This one got rather short again. But only one left!!


Forgotten Art

It has been so long

No pencils used

No markers uncapped

All left to collect dust

Sketchbooks kept closed

All left till inspiration comes

Half Marathon My Hour 10

Keep falling a little behind but I think I will get these last two in on time.



Early morning sighs

Soft and slow

Slipping through the curtain

Golden and light


Midmorning appears

As if from nowhere

Softness turns bright

Harsh and shining


Afternoon grunts

Too bright yet hazy

Everything blurring

Murky and lit


Evening slips in

Quietly and quickly

Soon all is dark

Heavy and cozy

Half Marathon My Hour 9

I keep finding interesting words I’ve saved or that are on the dictionary. So I keep having to use them!


Some people pull away from hard things

Or avoid too much noise

Or too much light

But I turn away from you

I hide from you

Keep myself from being too close

I withdraw from what I feel

Because how could you feel the same

So I move away from you

I stay just me and watch you

Half Marathon My Hour 8

I suppose this might count for prompt 20 since I was talking about moonlight.


Night Lit

I watch soft waves

Moving back and forth

Quiet light from the moon

Shines silver on the black waves

Everything quiet and calm

The world just small splashes

The world just silky light